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You know like my friend Gus rods career ended when he head butted the football padding when he scored a touchdown talk about some of them may be leaned over and pulled out their back from picking up the tennis balls instead of playing. So these types of stories that can be real they can be modified. I would do some research at all the tennis clubs or even a contest who has the best stories about picking up tennis balls and then use those two emotionally attached. Does that sound fair? That sounds. Amazing. You are amazing. All six of my contestants are amazing. Luanne IOU question. I think. But that's okay. We'll do it off line. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all six contestants and all the six sponsors that presented these unbelievable pitches. You could see there's so much to learn from everyone in please take into context. This is just my opinion. These are just my suggestions. So go ahead and seek other people experiment in practice as much as you can now, what I like to do next is run. A short video about how we did this. There's lessons to learn about all of you out there WANNA know how best can we virtually present or pitch? How can we do mastermind speeches exhibits? How best can we do TV shows movies virtually to keep everyone safe in social distance? Well, clarity experiences done it for me and they've proven it with this stage. Let's watch this video and then we're GONNA come back and pick the three winners with the CEO of clarity experiences. Brian Legacy thank you so much. As the event space evolves clarity experiences remains.

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