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On the list of history's great explorers too often, the names of black men and women have gone missing. Yet weather, striking out on their own or accompanying others. Black explorers and left their mark on land and sea. In even in space. In Fifteen, twenty eight. And African named Esteban was brought to Florida as a slave by Spanish conquistadors. When their expedition fail. The survivors explored the American southwest on foot for almost a decade. Esteban travel well over fifteen thousand miles. He saw Moore of the continent than almost any other people before. Listen incompetent. About four centuries later. Another African American explore. Would be one of the first Westerners to reach the far end of planet earth. Matthew Henson spent most of his adolescence at sea learning how to be a sailor. He was also quite interested in exploration, and found himself connected to Admiral Perry. Who is interested in finding North Pole? Hinson travels with him and they've made to the North Pole. Hinson had incredible skills and was recognized for those skills far later than Perry was. In the twentieth century black. Pioneers boldly explored even more daunting frontiers. In the nineteen eighties, the space program was very popular with the American people, and it became clear that there were no African Americans in the astronaut corps, so there was a push to recruit African Americans and in Nineteen, ninety-three guy in blue for became the first. African American to go into space. The second was Ronald McNair. Flew as a mission specialist in nineteen eighty-four. McNair even played his saxophone onboard. Sadly He died tragically two years later when the Challenger exploded shortly after takeoff. In Nineteen ninety-two another African American astronaut made history. It'll be making her first trip in space today and she's ready to fly. Mae Jemison spent more than a week orbiting Earth becoming the first African American woman in space. The Astronaut Corps something that Swiss considered quite a leap. These three African Americans were accomplished scientists and engineers they had passed through quite a rigorous set of assessments to become the first of their race to go into a place where your skills your intelligence, your courage and your commitment were all that mattered not erase. Contrary to what most of US learned in school? Not all great explorers were white men. These bowl pioneers were only a few of the African. Americans who overcame unimaginable odds and push forward. The boundaries of what is possible for black people.

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