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Morning mcgee espn radio and the espn app yeah you own it this morning travis i like it this is maureen mcgee on espn radio and the espn app we are presented by progressive progressive insurance let me try that one more time and see if i can do it correctly we are presented by progressive insurance all guests appear via the shell pennzoil performance line we've had a couple of ballers today lauren corn report our new our new she made it will be the third third member of martin mcgee we need to rename it mardian mcgee and lauren and of course marc cohn whom you guys just heard a couple of segments ago we're going to be gushing about that forever and it's awesome to see the response to it on twitter this morning i'm so glad that you guys enjoyed that again we appreciate marks time so much you know it's kind of funny how it all started with how we started with how we got to mark comb it all started with me talking about snow court giles high school it was our winner dance that we had i guess it was a made up winter dance but it was our winter dance called snow court and i wore one of those dicky's one of those like fake me out turtlenecks a turtleneck with no shirt and that dan somehow meandered us off into sadie hawkins dances which i think i called a sophie be hawkins dance which was not correct travis travis got on top detroit's got on top of a quick i mean he was all over this so he somehow gets sophie b hawkins to join us last week and that was crazy well received almost called her sadie sophie mentions marc cohn and then so travis he's all over it he runs down marc cohn and so now it is travis's job.

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