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We have the indictment yesterday by the grand jurors and a message one out today from the archdiocese telling church leaders and pastors and others do not make any public comments on this at all all of the comments must come from from the cathedral okay I get that from a lawyer's perspective you don't want a whole bunch of people talking I don't know what anyone can say other than that I'm shocked and amazed I want to get your calls today show is going to be about you working around children has been the focus of bishop Benzer for the last fifteen years and how to implement the proper procedures so that the rape and sexual molestation of hundreds of boys by dozens of priest in the archdiocese will not happen again in every is shown such horrible judgment and perhaps the most important part of his job what other bad judgment this exhibit and these others the archdiocese of said now Mike Schaefer and others have said that we've learned from this it will not happen again we have new procedures in effect full me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me and when I have on my good friend in yours Brian tome of crossroads I'm always amazed that one a person comes to Cincinnati I think from Pittsburgh as Brian did about twenty years ago and had an idea to start a Christian church in in Oakley how is it possible now when the archdiocese has been here for over two hundred years with all the institutions around at the schools they are high schools the the great colleges the hospitals etcetera that that this person a charismatic as Brian tell miss could come here and in twenty years of eighty thousand members so many of my friends are falling away Catholics we just can't take it anymore this will be another example of the failure of the Roman Catholic Church to implement changes on the ground when they truly matter not in some book not in some pamphlet not in some press release but at the moment that bands are received in twenty thirteen and twenty fifteen suggestions of future criminality by father Jeff true when you agree all hell should have broken loose and you should have been suspended until a thorough investigation of taken place and the message should have been sent to all the priest we don't put up with this anymore you have followed the devil if Lucifer himself could have concocted a scheme to destroy the faith of Catholics this is the one who would concocted and I just pray to god that there some explanation of been Sir and sh number that explains his away so that those of us who continue to practice we have faith that one here things that we can believe them.

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