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Have being tested so used to be like gold even though undoubtedly but the tonight we goat by man boston is bearings frida for a day and benjamin charge would nets from his wilms in the great swamp fight and he rallies again to start the search for match a calm matter comes manner sick unclear why bought he did they do eventually capture mehta comes wife and son and they tracked him down over several days and finely shoot him there's a very famous diary entry philip post accept it is this understood by the pure seems to be victory or do they know the the devey think the war will continue but no this is the award which is going to continue because what happened to be an to confirm its forward improvement another everything to sort of a complete stiff as of this moment which changes shape here graphically so that means away from boston the latest most of whom rocking about what invoke the appeared for the warriors but but i believe both with a mix of space between the right back to the early days of virginia but moments his columnist which to expand they win with the pushing again the traditional homeland into a tree the night couldn't have become an iq wait covering too create conflict in war what does let's leak after dead but that the but the killing of medical knicks side can only can powerful but i think i'm akin to beat appeared to right there in history for the big moment where you can at least and to chat to lift not quite the books the warriors for the second generation the professor right swat the great mike ration was for the first but the board continues in we move to the chesapeake colony is because here there are indians rising up the dogs in particular and there is fighting in maryland there's fighting of virginia colony but most importantly the governor in virginia is an agent man governor so william berkeley he believes in diplomacy to handle the front tier and that is rejected by a man named bacon i was bacon why does he revolt i mean this part of the complex to this story is the new baker you that she one of the canucks minutes.

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