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We're GONNA. Play it in this week is a special episode we have. a live is a live. Stream live recorded stream. How do you say it per now? How do I? We're recording before a live youtube audience, I couldn't think of a good way to say that, but yeah, so on Mike offensively, glad, so we're recording in front of me. Live Youtube streamed audience I'm really really excited about that. It's always one honestly like I. Think it's funny how we originally started doing this as a sort of all one off thing and then it'd be. In Iraq with our patriots. And now it's just something. I look forward to every month. Oh yes, become a great thing. So, it's it's weird like. Chatting with folks and just being live and avenue goofball the time. I love it. I love it, too. We have you are a member of our Patriot on. Page patriot, dot com slash rhythm an pixels you get access to one of these live recorded episodes once a month and yet access to prequel episodes which are about ten fifteen minutes. Three times a months every other week that we don't do one of these shows. So that's really awesome and I guess before we get everything started. We should probably say hey. Everybody I hope you're hope you're safe. Hope you're well and if you're looking for ways to cope with. The pandemic or the social unrest in your neighborhood or in your community we encourage you to go out there and and help. Help help your fellow people in any way that you can. Buy Buy Food and donate food and water to people who are in need if you're not sure where to go. Look for the local shelters, YMCA's and churches I if you're inclined and mosques. All, these places go I encourage you to go do that. People need it now more than ever. In the heels of you know idiot, gun nut protesters. I'M GONNA say I don't care. Possibly spring pandemic now we have people who are rightly angry protesting and also could be spreading even further, so please be careful, everybody and help help the people around you and just. The more good. You're doing the mortgage. Everyone else is GonNa do. Short now be a positive asset to your community. Do what you can to be a positive. Yeah, yeah, absolutely, you're the people near you the people around you. Continue to be positive and you can do so much. You don't even know it. Also, drink ginger beer because it's delicious and it's non alcoholic. Picking Right now. Oh, I'm drinking three. non-alcoholic craft ginger beer reads brand. I have a General Normal Basic Coca Cola, and I have caramel coffee. No sugar or cream. CARAMEL. Gas just right Carmel. But no sugar, so it was it like A. Sweet love you don't want a little fake pods flavors they provide. They'll what they put in there because they claim, there's no sugar, but they gotta get something tastes like Caramel so I just kind of assume it's like. it's Carmel, shavings or something. Throw in the Cup to make it taste good. Well last week. Our topic was a music for studying. So you're studying music and as we've been doing. We like to take the topics that we like the most or the most popular kind of open it up to our patriots on listeners in our in our listeners in general and ask what your. Favorite. Music within the topic would be, and then we'll play that and we also will read a testimonials as written. In the email or the facebook, the or on the discord at all, but we're sky written. Yes, covering anywhere, we can get a hold of us. In the mail. A pigeon with a little note attached to it. And, so before I eat the pigeon. The. Business did nothing to you, but it will do something to your stomach, the fidget alone our full of disease and good meat. Their so door boom. Kuku thing that pigeons do lead that fish alone. I've been really into the birds, and in my neighborhood I've been sitting in the back yard a lot and I've been watching we have. A family of Robbins. We have a family of a bluejays that are terrorizing all the robins. War a deserve aggressive. we have cardinals we have dubs like mourning doves. that. Are Really Fun to watch. There's an owl I can only hear I love hearing it, and there's a woodpeckers that are always waking me up in the morning. It's really nice. It's really really nice. There's there's there's fewer there's fewer airplanes in the air so I'm just hearing all of these birds every day, and it's really great. I'm just kind of laughing because it makes me wonder if you just revealed to me why Toronto Chins the blue has its mascot -aseball yeah I bet progressive bird. They'll they'll. They'll attack the other birds their eggs for sure Geez. See. The name of baseball player from the Blue Jays wait a minute was referenced I. Know His name because of bases loaded and I'm sure this guy has long since give. It wasn't. I remember. His first name was allred. All the road was his name in the game L. R. E.. Over O. L., E., R. U. D. Basically, and he was the best. He was like my favorite hitter in the game like whenever he what was like Homerun. Time our the whole finger kiss? going. He put it the screen to the top right corner. It's going to. Get over there. It's gone baby. Of course that would just make my brother being so. It's hard to sell, but Yeah I love basically I. I love the Toronto Blue Jays back then and I know you play. The, next like. Do we should? We should play sports games like that like classic like like techmo Bowl and bases-loaded because this fun. That's where a lot of fun but I have no mom to tell when you cheat. Cheating I just know the game. The cheat don't hate the player. I hate the cheat. Don't don't hit the game either. The heat that she he goes. All right so we have a picked. We received a whole bunch of suggestions of musical suggestions for this week's show, so. We can only pick so many which we picked quite a few and with that said, of course. Don't let that statement. Deter you from submitting track nonetheless, yeah, we keep all of your requests and we saved them as backups for future episodes, definitely do and Yeah, and it's good having a great great selection of tracks which but I like to definitely picnic from. Listeners that we haven't had on the air before, so we do this so. All Right? So why don't you kick us off for no? All right I wanNA. Point this ball. Funny. Well I is GONNA. Come from the game. That is seriously on my to play. Listen I've been slacking, but somehow get their. Comfortable listen to Chris Murray? And this is from firemen, three houses title learning lesson..

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