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It's like honestly, though, if they would have taken him 6th look, I don't know if I necessarily would have agreed at the time, but I think that my thoughts on this have changed enough to where I think yes. That's fine with me because if you're comparing him or in yakko Kong Wu, who we think is like a solid double, right? You can find on yek, a Kong Wu's. You can't find pokus if poku hits. Like, if poku hits it's a 100 X of what you paid for him. Even at 6, it's 75 X, what you paid for him. Over the course of the 6th overall pick in the first four years of his career. Like, to me, that's the kind of swing that you want in the draft. That's how you win the draft, I think. You definitely can win it that way. A 1000%. I just remember the videos and the clips of trying to find poke stuff and it was like he was playing as like us. There was no barometer of talent of what he was doing. He legitimately looked like a 7 foot one Magic Johnson hybrid, but it's like, I don't know who's honest to God. I don't know who he's playing against. So because of that, it's just kind of hard to make that. It's hard for everybody. Regardless of you draft, right? But it's still a wild one. Yeah, it's a totally different deal with the poker one. Like just the level of tape that was out there on that guy was just like, you had no idea. And by the way, it was the same with Giannis as well. Got it. It was hilarious. You'd watch it at the time, too. And not to compare poku in Giannis, Yanis just always had much better physical tools than what Polk who had. But he was good though. Forever. While tyrese Halliburton's there, we had a whole like you didn't take him. You went too crazy at 6. Like you do that later in the draft. But to me, again, like, from a process perspective like I'm okay with going for swings at this point. I think that's where I'm at. Like, I think that you try to 50 X a hundred X your money in the draft. There's just that's how you win the NBA draft. That's how Milwaukee changed the trajectory of their franchise through building in the NBA draft. They hit Giannis, right? That's how I'm trying to think of like other examples. That's how Denver hit the drafted Nikola Jokić who was 270 pounds and like overweight. But they had a first round grade on him. They had the pick in the 40s. It's easier to take them the 40s. It sounds like it sounds like diplomacy. It sounds like you're on board. Do it. Do it. Here. Say it. Here's what I say. If I had a higher grade on Josh primo, like if I thought Josh primo was really actually really good, I totally agree with you. Like your process in terms of evaluating where you had Josh primo, I totally agree with taking wrong. I was like, oh my God, this is wild, but he's been good. Reports are that he works. Everybody loves him. He's been in these tiny minutes. Like ah, throw a primo see what he does. Oh, he's 8 for 9 for the field as 18 points. And spurs Twitter is going nuts. We did it. We picked it, but that peck was crushed by a lot of people. And I could still be very wrong, but I credit that organization for taking that startup a hundred X, 50 X swing to try to change everything..

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