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It's but on the show, it's like, even when you're dating somebody in real life. You can kind of tell when it's going south when you're telling each other you're falling in love. And you're like really there with somebody. And then it happens. Yeah. And you have no warning signs. And you only have like I God bless the producers. But like, they're obviously gonna do their job and tell you they can't let you think that you're gonna get dumped. Yeah. That they'd get fired. Yeah. So you have everybody telling you what you wanna hear right and these people in in that point of your life, our families. So you trust them and then happens, and it's like well now, not only are you heartbroken, y'all. You also feel manipulated. You. Also feel lied to. It's like all these things you don't have your friends and family to just call. Right. And then you get home. And you're like, hey, I had a really bad break-up what just happened like these next. Few holidays are gonna suck because they're so differently than I thought somebody just doesn't want to be with me ultimate form of rejection. Then. Oh, yeah. We have to watch it back in the people come up to me and say, hey, oh my gosh. Like, I just know. It's you guys have the best connection. I it. And it's like, you don't do that normal relationship thing, you know, not you, but just in general like trying to picture like a really hard break up, and then having defaet and just knowing all of these forms of rejection. Yeah. Like, I always I always think about that. With like people probably going up to him to be like. Yeah. No, less casts. He says he she like screw she left you. She doesn't want you. I can't wait to see you Hannah to go. Like, he probably got that. Do you know what happened to me? This is the worst outta here. People were going up to Sean bean like he don't need that slut. She like had sex with somebody. Yeah. Oh, it was bad. He was getting people. She already had a hard enough time with with my whole season because of the controversy, and so he was like, yeah. And it's that's his fiancee and people are coming up and telling him like how shitty I am to do that to him. So it was like. Reiterating his like insecurities already as and then it made me feel like shit because I'm like if people always asked me to like did you have regrets? Of course, I did with you again. No, no regrets. I'm like, of course, they did. If you can't go on national television, dating twenty five men falling in love with multiple and not have regrets. You're like could have done that differently. Yeah. Like, you just you do. So I wanted to ask do you have any regrets after I just said nobody you everybody else ever got basically tell me your regrets. I know as soon as you said that was like shoot I actually for me personally. I don't have it. How am I supposed to have regrets in hope that I'm in a relationship? Blake. Hope. I I know for me. There wasn't anything that was off of my character. Or my like there was so many things and that was something I held onto. Maybe that's why a lot of people didn't get to know me is because sometimes it'd be like I don't wanna I don't wanna talk about this. I know who knows. Yeah. Does. She let you get away with it. You could say don't talk about it. I feel like okay. So sometimes if I'm like in the mood. I can be kind of like fancy with words. Yes. Eight and ways to where it's like air in somebody's head. And so I think I would do that. And they're like well this time. Yeah. Well, you know, whatever I think there were also so many strong personalities in the house. Yeah. Who they could get it from way easier. You're not get it. But I know you mean like the narrative of the whole thing, and sometimes I wasn't even there for some because sometimes people will play their game and sometimes you need to. But sometimes people go overboard, and they're like, how do I get more TV time?.

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