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While the nuggets jumped ahead of the clippers early on Saturday and never looked back. . Jamal. . Had A game high twenty seven points as the nuggets led the entire game to even up the series with Qui- in La Nuggets. . Coach Mike. . Loans at Denver was a noticeably different team compared to their game one twenty three point blow at loss to the clippers or Shannon. . What was the reason the clippers lost this? ? Late. . The that is the biggest reason why they lost this ball game <hes> Jomaa Murray had him on skates. . You had him like he was on the slip inside he couldn't stand up you remember the last two minutes, , but let me get to this. . Later now Friday night ginny people at home and you can attest every network the Lakers lose Lebron scores. . Seventeen zero was in the fourth quarter Kawhi Leonard goals four seventeen scores, , thirteen points and not one network not NBA. . Not The other network mentioned that while Leonard had zero points in the fourth quarter, , this is why I read a follow visit than winning read where he said why couldn't if while wins the with the final become there'd be why he isn't in the gold conversation because he does not receive go criticism everybody's been a rating, , Paul George everybody's been reading Yada Takubo. . Leonard has never received criticism badly, , historically great players have received therein lies the problem you cannot defend. . Well, , he just shows up in the playoffs they got within five this was. . Military me while the greatest mid range shooter. . Michael Jordan. . Closed the game

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