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The owners for Sports Ball Right? They all made their money doing something else. Yeah they all made you know. So it's like and here's the thing and and again maybe out liar not saying I know everything with this just my thing. There's only so long. Any company can go by just solely surviving off of investors. Eventually they start hiring fat Tony to come by are looking for their half right. You know what I mean looking for and then once you're not showing profit Daytona other investment eight. Listen nothing really going on which is Kinda Slow Down Eight. Listen this was actually really cool. What'S ON ESPN? But Not really making any money you know. So that's why we think SORTA Kinda slow down right now. You know the crafts you know they have. Oh Gosh I the fact that I can't remember their name And something Oh God. The paper company that they own. Oh Jeez I can't remember the name of items. I should know that they don't but they made their money off of paper. John Henry made his money off of what soybeans? So it's like you know and then and then you have. The owner of the Washington. Capitals US went the owner of comcast or something like that. Anyway it's like they all made their billions and millions millions. We're talking aliens whether it be with a B. Okay Oh like Oh you received a ten million dollar investment from you know such and such for your sports team that's laughable because like ten million dollars just off of soybeans last month you know what I mean so so so. It's like you know. They have that flexibility to handle stadiums to handle payroll so we handle all these people that these sports solely that all people are behind the scenes that they sorely need but they can't afford them because they don't have that much money and they can't get that much money not making that much money so at some point probably going to go back to the to the old days right. I mean it's probably going to crash but it's probably going to crash right but that but that doesn't mean he sports is dead. I just think it's going to readjust itself back to what it was before which was basically the traveling salesman the how can I say this like the PGA tour or the The the the the wrestling league stuff like that right. Hey One minute were here. You know we're in Boston this weekend it this week and we're GONNA BE IN MINNESOTA. We're GONNA be traveling to Syria. I feel very much like Standup comedians they. They grind on the road hard like that before they get real big so I think that's that's a decent. That's a good parallel to yeah and again. I'm not trying to be pessimistic or a stick in the mud about the whole thing but I honestly think that just reality that no one has really accepted yet is sports got too big too quickly and now everyone scrambling trying to figure out. What's going on right now because you know we were told by you know. Abc indeed that this is going to be. What's that stupid number? They make it up every hundred million. Two hundred trillion. I this year by that date. You know the the Mayans for the end of the world by the year twenty twenty. You know it's it's like you know it's like people had their and I think it was slasher put up a really good Really really good thing about balance. It's that like like you said like the most disappointing about Valerie does that people are symphonic. Because I think that's next thing that's going to make money. Not because they actually like the game. Yeah people already wanting to go pro you know in the Beta like these kids are already like I wanted to. Key was to like showcase their skills and yeah but it's like just love the game. I and the other stuff come behind like every other sport. It's just like the the ones and there are. Some exceptions are so nationally. Gifted the don't even have to like it. I think we can all name like one athlete from each sport. But it's like you actually absolutely have to like love the game and commit the game and to be able to go through the ups and downs of the the game you know to be able to withstand this. So it's like you know as overwatch having having a tough year probably but there are a lot of athletes that have had bad years. Statistically go don't let the ones that are retiring probably don't like the game anymore and maybe weren't going to grind it out. You know to begin with or are they just became so disenchanted from you know. Listen maybe it's maybe it's the travel. Maybe it's the fame just all these things where they just didn't really like it. It's like if I just want to do something else. You know the whole break in May and in crowd control probably in the two probably just kind of put it over the top that broke the camel's back by. I think it just came to like I was getting paid to play this game but like you know. I think it's too here in North America. I think that there is a huge emphasis on streaming on earth brands where people are more worried about streaming than they are worried about actually being a successful player because his statistics showing that you probably could make more being a streamer being professional player you know but no shredded. I talked about that. He's like I prefer streaming over competitive play. It's just it's it's easier to be a streamer than competitive players. What he says. It's much much easier you know. We're like win lose. Who cares if you're putting on a good show you basically Which is why like competitive fortnight as such like such a phenomenon where it's just that like you know what was it like. Ninja like barely even qualified. For some of these tournaments. He stuff like that. Never really have like a bunch of bunch of big named streamers. All his kids behind the scenes were grinding competitively and whatnot on the tweets to actually be good at the game and exploit you know so so whereas in other countries it's like maybe the Solo Q. Environment is is different but like you know like in the Korean environment if ever watched like a like these high level like players play Solo Q. And stuff like that. I watch some vodka faker and stuff like that you. Nobody's typing in chat. Now you're listening one everyone's Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping by go here. Go here. We're going there we're going there. Here's my cool down this what they use boom done like like. That's everyone says like the environment here is different where it's just like people are having a bad day. So they're gonna like you know hard. Walk the TORP able now but these is pretty cool. But it's like you know they're hard lock is because they whole like facility day. They want to make their other teammates. Have bad day. Everyone life as miserable. So maybe there's just not enough tried like the actual competitive play. Maybe it's like it's all about the streaming and their personal brand and stuff like that. Because here's the thing like like like double streams too but he seems like an off days or when he's not competing rafters competing. I subscribe to Penghu from our six and you know and the reason why I like watching him and I like watching shroud and even double his is because like I feel I can just have them on like in the background. I feel like I'm I'm just like chilling. What someone watching them play Games in? Penghu has like you know very very smart when it comes to business but he does. He started doing like these drawing things. He's talking about maps and entries like he'll break out the the What the Microsoft paint only draw Abbas awesome? It's like you know painting with Penghu with so funny and it seems like that like extra tickets. He seems to be like someone who's like a huge for a lot of platform games. Or He li- he loves tomb. Raiders and the assassin's creed and stuff like that so I think he's got like it's voices to just chill just gives me a nice chill mood with listen to him in the background and if a feeling feeling a little spunky that day I'll put on OCTA disrespect who's also he. He gets people around. He's yeah very personality driven thing because like I can't stand watching. I hate his personality. I can't stand how he approaches like situation. So it's like I. You know as much as I might like to game that he's playing. I just can't stand watching it like listening to and watching him. So yeah it's you got to find the right personality especially you on depending what day your you're feeling too so where it is and it's funny because I think video games work that way to where it's just the game. They can relate to the young people. Watch the streamers that they can relate to the most and and and I like just a chilled laid back. You know streamers that are just kind of playing and chilling and just like you know reading chat every once in a while answering thumbed. Something's in it's fun and I think and I think that we we just don't have it yet but the one thing that I wish that they would do. And who knows? Maybe I'll be press that they need like an east for its abundant. If you know what I mean you know it's to be that person who really is a in a non mimi way to kind of point out some things that need to be correct and I think slasher of does that in certain ways which I like reading reading slasher Is Pretty good too? I don't know if you he's gotTa Youtube Channel. He was a he's an owner wasn't owner of an organization to I don't know is his background a lot but he. He's mentioned a lot in some of his videos. He's mentioned a lot of stuff you talked about as well so you guys are definitely on a very similar page. As far as you know sports and kind of smell looks and trajectories and stuff like that and the thing is is that I think i. I don't want people to equate like there's just not that much money being. There's not as much money out there as people thought they were going to be because the market very inflated market if it just all if you tell me that it's going to be like a ten billion dollar market and like you know nine hundred ninety nine ninety nine nine million. Whatever is all ten cent you know. You know what I mean. It's like a like a number of very very very very inflated off so it's like because his thing and the only reason why I say that is because like I seen it and have noticed it kind of from afar and stuff like that because I think a lot of people you know I think when it comes down to is that you know whether it's college programs or even e. sports or I think they really need to do with start to kind of like you know they always like what like. How can we make more money and they always? Yeah they did the same thing we need more. You know twitter stuff and you know. We need more You know social media. We need any more content. We need content content. Oh you need a team. That's good for got to play more than five games. That season right. Yeah Yeah like the reason why Doda is so is so big is because people put millions and donate and contribute millions of dollars to the final when it's og versus liquid right or Oji versus secret or whatever or whoever decides to be it's og right. The one that decides to you know to to win that week or wherever the second place match to. Oj right but it's just that that's where the money is made. The money is made at the end of the season right at. Is You know until you have like you know universal profit-sharing like.

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