Jason Killer, Saleh, Car Accident discussed on MRN Classic Races - 1994 Meridian Advantage 200


Two beekeeping work be racing pace went into the early going the top drivers who qualified showing the way while as laid the first penalty laps even read misled the next fifteen as we check on pit road a robotic brought back a little bit more on them back what it is a massive who might be beta as he added he writes at all colonel bob ekg 340 sandler jason killer started vp backseat like fucking body children through early often waters really bad it does not water tour would ease exit supporter of way to be here your unique breaks if you her beside the road you need this caught the turn when you get around this racetrack that we mentioned when we went back the green a while ago and saleh was at the back of the pack stay in on the lead lap was going to be the accomplishment for him he's not done at he's just gone a lap down the front six cars and just bypass them on the back straightaway infants hurts four five not a good day four the card secondplace ban in nascar series points twothirds british right now appeal to work here we've had just one caution flag me they multi car accident coming hardleft turn this match the startfinish line he heard nazareth's otherwise have been completed brain that i would expect will see moments have now hardly cyber heading down the pit row he began his bypassed by everybody years he'll be going many many laps down the lead karsfield david gravy a asaba racier thus far it a group it really takes into a lot of different cases there's no work well let's go where the car is working vets especially true he ride massar with running of secondly while us now proposes to about seven or eight car late style with chip founded third steve it's right there in a row that's the good battle everybody's watching because now that second quarter fourthplaced vital.

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