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I just give you one quick football note that I wanted to Bashar. Absolutely. I want Bryan fours fired. Okay. That's pretty quick. I don't have patience anymore for him. He hasn't even coach to game yet. Not even an exhibition game. He's already done something worse than going going sixteen as far as I'm concerned was what why are you serious? He canceled OT as you heard about that, then you. Yeah. I did. I can't. So we can go to Robert crabs house, the collect the Super Bowl rig if he would have come to me, and I was the owner said, you know syrup thinking about cancelling okay? So I can pick up by Super Bowl Reagan. Yeah, that's fine. Cancel and go pick up your rig would you cutback? You're fired, and we'll have a new coach go have a good time in New England. Have a blast. Well, he cancelled one prac-. I. Cancelled one hour to pick up some guess what? You can send it to him. There's ups Federal Express. You don't have to pick it up there. Yeah. What, what is wrong with people? He spent fifteen years there. Rings. Why is this one so special you have to go to a ceremony every time I go? You know what? Maybe you're not over your ex girlfriend go on back. That's like you telling your wife, you know, Honey? I know it's alright. But, you know, my old girlfriend is her birthday too. So I'm going to do something with her. Get outta here. You're saying, I shouldn't say anything to my ex wife. Since nineteen year anniversary tomorrow you're saying, I shouldn't say anything. The Boston Globe been volant had a quote from Brian floors. It said, if you guys know anything about me, we'll work on Thursday, all head up to Boston celebrate that. And then I'll be back on Friday. As far as I'm concerned. Should I be? There's not a lot of work to be done. We're looking good. I pretty sure the Super Bowl favorites. So you already have been the Super Bowl another day. Sure. It's magic favorites. Flora's by the way, wasn't the only ex patriot that showed up for Thursday nights ring ceremony play Brown Trent Brown was there the current raider. So should I be mad about cutting him because he went or is this different for coaches and players are should I be mad at Trent Brown to do you? Tell me. That's a good look, isn't it? I mean it's a good look when your players miss OTA's to go to a party. Well, I don't think he missed not a. Okay. Well, okay. So, but still, I mean, you don't want hobnobbing with the enemy to you. Well, I mean it could be a dual purpose. Right. Maybe you can be getting some more inside Intel, maybe you can see what's going on. No, I'm willing to have an open mind. If I was Robert Kraft, you should the schedule the ring ceremony in week three and then that way. We're just going to blow off practices got rid ceremony to go to. I are about this. And what's funny is it's not an actor legitimately. Of course. I. I was talking about this on my on my show. I go. This is ridiculous. This guy's coming up the par so you can get your rating because you don't have enough rings. You don't have like what five beforehand, so it's always, it's always good to go through the party. Just send it to you don't need to come up and get it. Well, I don't. I've never been to a Robert Kraft party Arne. Joe on this. I think it's probably open bar. I'm willing to bet that too. So, yes. All right. When we come back to the Geico Fox Sports radio studios again, we will continue to monitor this breaking story involving the I guess, what we can say now is wasn't attempted murder of David Ortiz. Yes. Yeah. Even unfortunately that's a better adjective to us because poppy was in the Republic. He was shot. Looks like he's going to be fine. We'll get an update from disabled. Coming up next. He's Arnie Spaniard. I'm Chris plank. This is Fox Sports Sunday..

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