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I did this just so carry could do a short acceptance speech. I did the do the story for that David Lynch joins fellow director, Linda, work, Neuner, and actress Gina Davis and Wes Studi as honorary recipients of this year's governor's award from the academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences. Ladies and gentlemen, David Lynch to accept his award. I'd like to thank me for this award because if it wasn't for me, I wouldn't be getting this award. Thank you. David. David Lynch, Charles Manson follower, Leslie Van Houten, who I do a killer impression of actually. No, I don't know, a kiss her impression, you say of, yes, a killer impre of Leslie, Van, Houten, I only do it around Halloween. However, governor Gavin news, one has overruled a parole board's decision to free, Leslie Van, Houten making it, the third time governor has stopped the release of the youngest member of Manson's murderous Colt. Ms van how is now sixty nine. And she still threat. Newsom said, I, I just watched a documentary with her that, were they interviewed her. Pretty extensively doesn't seem like much of a threat. She as a little old lady had there's threat, but there's also punishment. I'm not worried. She's going to go out and murder. Somebody. Okay, you killed somebody with the nuts, she that. She has spent nearly fifty years behind bars with reports of nothing but good behavior and testimonials about Hariri ability. Now wasn't was Van Houten when she was one of the ones wasn't even there. No. She she killed her with a knife. She killed the. She was an eager participant in killing of lobbying. Kaz lobby, Mr. MRs Lubyanka. She murdered people with the name sorry era. I'm sorry. You may be a nice lady and have made your peace. Had been good. Good. But there is sorry. Why are you? So I was just going by the threat thing. She's not be not a threat. But punishment you've been watching your noble. Yes. Okay. Authorities investigating Flint, Michigan water crisis. And I want you to draw your parallels. Yes. You search warrants to secure from storage the state owned mobile devices of former governor Rick Snyder and sixty five other current or former officials Cording to the Associated Press the warrants were sought two weeks ago by the attorney general's office and signed by Flint, judge. Solicitor general Fudd. Woah, ho mood, and Wayne County prosecutor Kim worthy, who's helping with the probe confirmed that they executive executed a series of search warrants related to the criminal investigation of Flint, lead contaminated water in two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen and an outbreak of legionnaires disease. They declined further comment you saw Chernobyl you'll know what a show trial is. That's what they've had so far as a show trial. You see we looked into the we did we're doing everything we can to comply. So the spokesman for the attorney general Dana Nessel, who's not involved in the criminal investigation, but his handling lawsuits against state by Flint residents. The warrants want devices of individuals who've been in charge of the probe who've been charged in the probe, but who also, but also uncharged officials such as Snyder, and former environmental quality director, Dan, Wyant, and various people who worked in Snyder's office, because the allegation is they had many conversations on phone and other only is about the Flint water situation and they still didn't handle it. That's right. They still have bad water there. And Utah state board of education is scheduled to meet in executive session this week to discuss its contract with rise vendor Questar, which is not the same as the gas company and the assessment firms performance including whether it should c Gamage is because of several problems that plagued testing this spring. The standardized testing this company had had a history of problems with its testing state of Utah. Knew about those problems and yet they spent what was it last week? Forty some odd million dollars. Four forty four million dollars to hire them. Anyway. Board spokesman Mark Peterson said that the board is going to review the contract and discuss its options moving forward. What do we do for this year? What do we do for next year and the year after that he said, the board can do anything between we've take taken under advisement to terminate the contract a one in between option would be seeking liquidated damages for service interruptions, data delivery issues and data security breaches, some as high as fifty thousand dollars a day. You know, I wanna know though, who's going to be held accountable, and the state board of education, and the state school board, who, who they are is held accountable for making somebody signed on somebody signed a piece of paper saying, this is what we're doing. Nobody seems to be talking about that at this point. They're they're they're talking about. What are we doing to this company that screwed up so badly? Well, what do we do to the people who hired the people? Yeah up, so convinced us to hire these people that we knew sucked told you about this yesterday. Gina the deaths in Canada. More than a thousand aboriginal women and girls in recent decades was a national, genocide a government inquiry into murdered and missing. Indigenous women concluded in a report on Monday. And this happens in Alaska's well, and it's happened actually there are people who've looked at this, the deaths of indigenous women all over the country. And many of them, don't many of them go on reported, although they know about them because they because family members talk about right? The twelve thousand page report, twelve hundred page report excuse me, which resulted from an inquiry launched by prime minister Justin Trudeau government in two thousand sixteen blamed the violence on long longstanding discrimination against indigenous peoples and Canada's failure to protect those people. It also made sweeping recommendations to prevent future violence against indigenous women. The Royal Canadian Mounted police revealed in two thousand fourteen one thousand one one thousand seventeen aboriginal or indigenous women had been murdered between one thousand nine hundred and twenty twelve the inquiry which was beset by delays staff resignations. Because there were people who kept trying to keep them from lookout. Is there some thought as to who is doing this? It's not just one person that an ideology, that's true. You know what you can order these women and you can get away with. That's that. What is what seems to be coming out? So then there was a split because there were lesbian gay bisexual transgender people getting involved in the because they those people who are indigenous and are one of those persuasions even more live and more. So the final report called reclaiming power and place was presented during the ceremony in Quebec and was attended by hundreds of family members of missing and murdered. People Rabah original people account for four percent of Canada's population, but on average they suffer from incredibly irate of crime, poverty and addiction. We treated native Americans in this country, horribly Canada, at least as horrible, if not worse, the way they treated their native people. They were they were just staunching brutal to them and continue to be into the fifties and sixties the government in the sixties. I read some report about all these, you know, these special schools that they would take the kids away from their families, and send them to and it's a it's happened here as well. There's a report on KTAR dot org about how it happened here in Utah. Yeah. Well, it's there used to there used to be the inter mountain Indian school to they, they decided at long. I mean, it was still it was still a school when I was in high school you take away from their families, and get them all a input with take him to Brigham city and it was not the right thing to do not the right way to do things. Let's see the going to get its first standalone, Starbucks what? Yep. Well, who's gonna go xactly if that's not a note to shock you. It's going to be located right in front of the Brigham Young University campus students at the school taunting them. Yeah, they'll be able to send fell it. They will be well they used to have to drive up the hill to get their Starbucks. There was one in Orem there, I was a substitute teacher once a long time ago at box elder high school at Brigham city. Yeah. And I and I was I went to the faculty lounge for lunch and I said for take a lunch break. And I said, is there any coffee here in the fat faculty lounge, and the teacher said, no? And I said, oh, okay. And they said, yeah. It's not that we don't want it many of us would have, but the students complained about the smell of coffee in the hall bad this Mel students complained. And so the decision was made that, you know, and there are plenty of teachers who didn't want it around. But there were coffee drinkers there, so I just I would always go to into Brigham city into the idol. I'll if you don't drink it doesn't everybody like the smell of. No, no. It's temporarily not. I mean they like it too much. Nicole says that the Starbucks in Provo will only sell hot chocolate, though. So it's not even this is the this is the first Starbucks in Utah. That hasn't put a local coffee. Shop out of business. All right. That it. Sure. Sports weather traffic. Oh, so you got taco Tuesday tonight at the bees young. They have a home stand here against the San Antonio missions. That's a seven o'clock game tonight Stanley Cup is all tied up to a peace between the blues and the Bruins next game is on Thursday at six pm. Yeah, that's an sports for you. Whether it's warm eighty today to tomorrow. How about eighty six on Thursday. What? No, you like this. Right. It's beautiful. Traffic..

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