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Spall? Sleet. And. Two. Aping of glow. Two sets. Chris. Slam. Skin. Disguise. Smith. Got. Sure. And that puts the wraps on the two thousand eighteen coral courts radio our holiday special. Wow. What a lot of fun. Putting this together. It's it's a lot of work. And there's a lot of really crappy Christmas music to sort through to bring you what I did. So you don't like everything imagine what you didn't hear. If you like what you heard. I encourage you to do two things. One research the artists and the songs that you liked and then hit your local brick and mortar record store and purchase. Those or go to Amazon and by the music outright. That's the right thing to do. And otherwise if you like this pass it on your, friends and subscribe to the coral courts radio hour right here on the deep dish radio podcast feed. I'm Tim powers. This is my show. Thanks very much for sticking. It all out. I've got one more cut, and we're wrapping it up. Thanks again. For listening have great two thousand nineteen. See? Chain. Sally.

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