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Lately. Well jill see like will lean bed at night just pouring through cook. She loves loves loves cook. What so she makes. I mean she's always trying new things. I i tend to stick toward. I don't know kinda. I call it a country i like barbecue. I like new orleans like the gumbo and red beans oil like the other day. I made like a like a white bean and kale and in hot sausage. Like a like a tough skin. Kale soup kind of thing. Like i just. I like making food in the crock. Pot that you can eat all week. Just throw it all in there their walkaway. Yeah exactly i. It blows my mind still that we plug those things in leave our houses. I can't i you know what you don't need. You don't ask any questions. Just come back in this done. And it is a weird concept my mind fact that my dad was always like. Don't leave the dryer running when you leave your house but you'll leave a kitchen so what you care about okay. I have one more question for you. Is there anything we didn't talk about. The you wanna make sure we cover. But i gotta tell you i do these a lot in. You're so smart and so present that it was just a joy to talk to you. And i can see why you enjoy the success. You have because it's it's a it's a skill set that people who don't do it may not appreciate but for somebody who's been on both sides. I'm telling you you know you're talented lady. And i just love talking to you and i look forward to the next time we get to do it thank you. I hope we do too. Listen you're a tv host hosting your own show. So i take that as a huge compliment from someone who did it professionally. So thank you have your dad on doing it. I'm going to send you that. I'm going to get that to you as soon as i can. I really mean that. I think you'd into it. Okay the last question. We always ask because our show is called. That sounds fun. Tell me what sounds fun to you. what's on that. I would never do like jumping out of an airplane. I mean that's sounds fun. But i i couldn't tear if i could just just think it's a such an unnecessary risk solid talking about all these gifts that god gave us like. You're going to jump out of a plane. I don't know maybe one day with you. Listen we got a lot of work to do. I cannot have two broken legs at the very least. That's on a good day. Okay so of wes outside. Do you that you really do. You know sounds to me right now. Like like going out to dinner with a bunch of people like just sitting around a table and just just having a good time maybe after show like just seeing people laughing and smiling together. You know 'cause 'cause boy. I tell you i miss it in in a although i'm totally page in in waiting my turn i. It sounds fun to get it back on the road of some music and that funny to think that the things we list now as what we long for we.

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