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Of the culture war. It's time stars. Welcome back to the time story. Radio programs have been orange in four Todd, our phone number 8 four four 747 88 68 before the break, we talked about that interview for the daily wire podcast Candace Owens and president Trump and did not feel like they were seeing eye to eye very much when it came to vaccines. Frank is in Madison, Alabama listening this afternoon, Frank Merry Christmas. Thank you for joining us on the Todd starnes show. Hey, Merry Christmas to you and God bless America. Yes. I didn't really see the contention exactly Candace and the president. But one thing is that I wanted to say about this whole situation is I think the reason that there hasn't been about the vaccines and what's going on is that we're not hearing both sides of the issue. We're seeing a propaganda campaign by the government pushing the vaccines, but there is a lot of very educated medical and scientists on the other side of the issue that's not being heard. And so like for me in the middle, I realize that they are not telling me the truth. The whole thing. And I think they would be more successful with the vaccines. Otherwise, if they would just go ahead and let both sides be heard. Frank, I agree with you because it feels very un American because one of the great things about the American medical system is I have the freedom to take in as much information as much informed consent and then make the decision based upon what's best for me and now there is an end around with these vaccine mandates and really in the short term a lot of people are hesitant because as you said there's just not a whole lot of information out there just yet, but this is America and if you want to take the vaccine, I believe it is fully you're right. If you are hesitant, I respect your decision as well. Yeah, and there is a lot of negative where something that I hear on the other side that we don't get to hear in the major media about the vaccines that are by we're talking about doctors who graduate from Harvard and Yale. We're talking about some people who know what they're talking about as well. So I really think that if they would just open up and let the American people make a decision, it would be a lot lot better. I think that is a great common sense point of view and we always welcome that here on the Todd star show. Frank Merry Christmas, thank you for listening and Madison, Alabama Dan and Hendersonville, North Carolina wants to talk about Candace Owens and Donald Trump good afternoon Merry Christmas, Dan. Merry Christmas to you. I just wonder who these people like canvas on and all these reporters who are in a world they think they are. Most of them have no idea what they're talking about. Mister Trump was stating his opinion and he is able to do it. The people in the audience booing were probably planned there. In my opinion, it's just as far that's as far as these people will go. So as far as Biden is wife is not a doctor, she's an educator. And why people even listen to her as far as medical advice is just out of my realm of understanding. Dan, I have a feeling that if it were Candace versus Trump that you would be picking Trump Dan, Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thank you for listening and Hendersonville, North Carolina. We go back to the patriot mobile newsmaker line here and we're talking with the folks at norad, not just any folks, it's our friend captain, sable Brown. Captain, thank you for joining me on the Todd starnes show. Merry Christmas. How are you? Doing great and Merry Christmas to you too. I'm a sad Todd's not here. I was wondering if he was still on the navy list. Todd is no longer on the naughty list. He's not only is he on the good list, but he is on the mend he is getting his voice back and he'll be back before you know it. I am looking at the norad Santa dot org website and the countdown is on. I know the folks at norad are working feverishly to prepare to track Santa, what kind of technology are you guys working on and right now what's the environment there? You guys just working like crazy and these final hours? Oh, you betcha. It is very, very festive over here. The call center is decorated and we are calibrating all of our satellites and radars to track Santa's sleigh and his team of reindeer and get ready to see where his journey takes him around the world this year. And I know that norad the North American aerospace defense command doesn't work alone at this because I know coming up tomorrow night, you'll be working in tandem with the FAA to make sure all of the flight paths are clear to make sure no overnight flights get in the way of all saint Nick doing his job, can you speak to how big of an operation this is? Norad track Santa is one of the largest department of the defense outreach programs in the world and we have a worldwide audience. And we can reach everyone around the world and tell them we're Santa is because of our partners that make everything happen from the website to the app to the call center. And especially those volunteers that come in, they're calling us as early as October, November, asking if they can take calls once again and tell children around the world. Where is Santa Claus? And captain, I'm a big tech nerd, so I'll be watching this as long as I possibly can tomorrow. How long what time Eastern Time do you estimate that the Santa tracker will be up and running basically when does Santa take lift off from the North Pole? Well, based on our intelligence, Santa takes off at about 6 a.m. eastern every year. So be ready. All right, we will have our cup of coffee. I will definitely be up watching that and the website is norad Santa dot org that is norad Santa dot org will have that on our live show blog as well. And Santa Claus, I guess he's getting all fueled up and he's ready to go and the technology at norad is gonna help all of us be able to track Santa and really you really need that evidence to show the kids. Okay, okay kids, it is honestly time to get in bed, get some sleep and thank you for helping parents like me and parents across the country and across the world do that captain sabel Brown. Thank you so much. Please give our best to norad, not just for what you do at Christmas time, but how you protect us 365 days a year. God bless and Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, and thank you so much. All right, there's captain sable Brown from norad. We've got that link on the live show blog. 6 o'clock eastern tomorrow, folks, Santa takes liftoff from the North Pole. Hopefully he's got maybe a hybrid with it as much as gas prices are this year. I don't know how that dollar is going to be stretching from the North Pole, but be rest assured he is ready. He is loaded and ready to go and norad is going to be tracking him all the.

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