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Jillian. Weinberger hosted the impact podcast from. Vox about how powerful people affect the rest of us this season. We're looking at the big ideas from all the people running for president. In Two thousand twenty hit this opioid crisis head on public option. Schmooze away from Moslem fueled energy efficiency. And it's GonNa be a Great Wall and it's going to work. A lot of those ideas have actually been tried before like that wall. Trump wants to to build the gallon. Zona has had one on its border for decades. I don't understand why individual the people have a right to have a fence and yet a country can't Senator Warren's proposal to end the OPIOID crisis it's based on what we did to fight the eight deputies we would like to name it the Ryan White Care Act and the green new deal. Germany tried something similar in two thousand. This solution this season season on the impact. We have those stories. How the big ideas from twenty twenty candidates worked or didn't work in other places or at other times? These are the stories that will help us understand what might happen if these proposals get rolled out here in the next four years. Subscribe to the impact on Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP to get the first episode on Wednesday January eighth so this is the black insider bengals podcast. We're talking to bengals. News and notes were taught. We're going to talk about the bengals end of the season. And what's ahead for them. As the two thousand twenty off season is basically upon them. Technically and we'll talk about some season awards. Some current coaching situations strategies. You know some things. They may look at going forward in this off season. If you're new to this show join us. Live live every episode on Cincy junk without Com where we have the live youtube stream as well as efface book stream on the Cincy Jungle facebook page and we welcome commute to the livestream. If that's how you're joining us if you want to catch the show after the fact that you're not able to catch the show live. Get it on itunes stitcher spotify Google play megaphone iheartradio as I mentioned on Youtube as well so get the show. How you can so doc Just like right as announced in wish was passed away the the NFL announced the angles. Coaching staff would be going down the mobile to coach one of the senior bowl rosters. It'd be then and the Detroit. Lions tour picking third over on the draft after they're gonNA take the Typically two of the worst teams that going down to mobile. I've been to the senior bowl from has two years Last year they had John Gruden's raiders down there Near the team I think before that or I think actually got you also that was Cal Shanahan's forty niners Vance. Joseph broncos. Were down there a couple years before four. So when you're when you're down there you learn a lot about what the coaches F is looking for. How they really structure in the practice and also typically more times than not? You'll see teams. Who coached the senior bowl? Invest a lot of the draft picks in senior role players interesting last year when the bengals didn't really have a coaching staff at the time that the senior bowl what's happened. They didn't really have really any coach coaches at all dancing. They had their handful of scouts. And maybe a couple of assistants who are on the way out of this the coaching turnover in general so it was really hard to gauge. What the Bengals were planning to do? At the time. The senior bowl was happening. It was also in Brian. Kellyanne was announced by Jon. gruden about people the the offense coordinator so kind of just seen a last year. The bengals have like three coaches under contract in January and this year they have a full coaching. The staff full offseason to work with and then the coaching the senior bowl. And I guess the one big story line right now are like kind of storyline. That could be something is revolves around Bill Callahan because the redskins hired Ron Rivera as their head coach to a like a five year deal. He hired Jack del Rio as the defensive coordinator of the guy that the the bengals were looking at hiring last year. The same position but bill. Callahan was the interim head coach that Rivera's replacing and he's now on the open market and there were rumors. There's last year. That Zack Taylor who was the unofficial announced head coach. He wanted to hire. Callahan has often flying coach. Callahan couldn't be bought out of Washington's contract ends up hiring Jim Turner so we're now year into the the Taylor. Turner Relationship Coach Offense Line Coach and it seems like for the most part of the coaching staff is going to remain the same but if there could be a couple of guys on the hot seat that could replace Turner might be a guy and Callahan's available. He could be replace him. So Anthony in terms of replacing Callahan. Fraternal I think we would all agree upon that unanimously. Would you be interested. Say That Callahan doesn't get a lot that interest other teams in bringing him on as a consultant even though it would still be Turner with you know has the mainstay of what goes on offense library. The latter is actually a you. You know I didn't know if you were going to present the latter option as a possibility and I didn't really think about it as a possibility candidate consultant with Jim. Turner still being offensive line coach. Had actually I'd be onboard without more so than the former. I think the bengals notoriously have an in Zagreb Taylor to his credit brought in more assistance and stuff like that this year. I think he'd beefed up the coaching staff more so than it had been in previous years. I think maybe by a couple coaches but still I mean it. They more is more more hands in the pot. oftentimes helps especially a team in transition. I I you and I both have been pretty critical of Jim. Turner especially in the in the off season when they hired him when in the in the first part of the year when the bengals offensive line was really struggling but the second half of this year really after the bye when the bengals altered their scheme when they did did some different things up front with blocking they rotated guys to to find the best players. Possible the offensive line played a lot. Better her the the second half of the season Bobby Hart played a lot better. The second half the season now is it. It still maybe at an average level if not below average but but it's a lot better than what he was You know he played better. He saw some things from Fred Johnson in the final final game. He actually looks like he can. He can play a little bit. Michael Jordan flashed towards the as he got more snaps and I love what what Matt Mimic says on twitter. You know these guys that are getting higher. PF grades these rookies or guys that are you know so so many people are quick. Lambasts those guys saying you know they have low. PF scores terrible players while when they have limited amount of snaps and they don't get more snaps to not only get better but make more positive. Plays I mean I understand the concept there so You Know I. I like what I've seen from the offensive line in terms of growth. I would like to see John Williams out there under Jim Turner and get a chance. It's for him to coach that first round pick I would like to maybe see Jim. Turner Brian Callaghan. Put the the actual five guys that they definitely want hopefully have them healthy. Go out there. And then you've got that value veteran coach voice in Callahan Guy who has been a head coach in the league. A guy who is Coach at the college level as head coach. You know a guy who is known for his offensive prowess. That's Kinda Zack. Taylor I think wanted in some form last year be it has a defensive coordinator or what have you. He wanted that guy to lean on. He's got his son on the staff he's tight with. I mean it just makes a lot of sense sense. I see the value in getting rid of Turner and just replacing him with Callaghan. I I do see the value in doing that but you know I think you saw. Aw a unit take some strides towards the end of the year. And I'm I'm I'm a little more hesitant now to say you know kick shown the door and especially with with the option you talked about with you have. Callahan is a consultant Yeah I think you do have to give credit credit's due and at its I duNNo. It's not responsible. But I think it's more accurate to to put that revival of the offense Aligarh another revival but just the better utilization of their talents balanced with with what personnel. They have what scheme that they needed to run with. Joe Mixing running game. I think those also a collective unit with with Callahan and also Taylor recognizing what strengths they had and realizing that what they were doing was not working at all. It was the worst run running game league and just the adaptation adaptation of more more of a power in a man scheme mm-hmm to whatever you know. Tell they off line and the not. The no hesitation moves to bench billy price you know when he was doing bad and to give Fred Johnson Simpson tries rise up there and took two stitchery Hawkins Center and to prevent John Miller I right guard. Even when he wasn't fully healthy so the personnel moves off on the offense lying give Turner the benefit of the doubt. I don't know if I continued to trust him going forward. But but this year has lead my concerns about his ability to develop talented town in. Yes I do think that he shouldn't be outright fire. Despite what our preconceived notions were about him. I still think that there are some questions about his character but again I don't know man I just go off of what I've read. And what a what was previously reported over the past years or so so yes the benefit of the Dow can be slightly or givens. You we can't forget about the whole situation. I still think that that's definitely only blemish that I if not anything else is still cloudy over his overall character and whatnot but also Callahan. I think last year there was a lot of rumors or talk about how you know. One of Taylor's first hires would be Mike Sherman. The you know his father in law who is a former head coach with the packers. He worked under him and texting an eminent with the Miami Dolphins hiring like an offense of consultant or just like an offensive assistant. Whatever Marvin Lewis is doing for her? It would be a very good apt. Comparison comparison a guy who doesn't have direct responsibility with anyone unit but a guy who understands whatever scheme in the type of often trying to run into bounce off his better leadership I think those that's just a role that people pigeonholed Sherman for last year Banal..

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