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I'm annoyed on and this is the truth about cancer on the bbc world service the series that investigates the most common global cancers and what's being done to tackle them i'm in port of spain the capital of trinidad and tobago in the carribean people are enjoying the food stalls and the music in this park their families all around us and you can really clearly see that some of the people are of african ancestry and others have very clearly of southasian indian ancestry and that's because their ancestors were brought here during colonial times as slaves and indentured labourers and you can really see that mixed heritage in the food busy young men of year serving doubles this is up fried indian bread with chick be curry and fiery sauce another lady over here grilling meats and serving fried plantains now trinidad and tobago has one of the world's highest rates of prostate cancer this is a cancer specific two men so i'm here to find out why that's the case and how doctors are dealing with it prostate cancer right no is the leading cancer in trinidad and tobago it's ahead of breast cancer it accounts for twenty percent of the council's prostate cancer is also the leading cause of death from cancer in trinidad cancer being the second most common cause of death in trinidad led by cardiovascular disease so what is the prostate and how does prostate cancer develop will head into a prostate examined just a moment but to run over the basics the prostate is a small gland in a man's pelvic region it sits immediately beneath the bladder behind the penis in most men the prostate gets bigger as they age but in some individuals cells in the gland develop abnormalities which make them grow out of control and become malignant this is prostate cancer.

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