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What the number of bay area school district's planning to shut down in response to the novel coronavirus is growing the San Francisco in west Contra Costa unified school district as well as the San Mateo Union High School district plan to close all schools for three weeks starting Monday all three districts do have classes today though Berkeley unified is canceling classes for its high school effective today the rest of its schools close starting Monday and all Catholic schools in the San Jose a diocese you are closing for two weeks starting today social justice advocates are pushing back against a decision by California prison officials to cancel many visits with inmates amid the corona virus outbreak representatives for the California department of corrections and rehabilitation say the new rules are meant to prevent the virus from getting inside the state's prisons the Ella Baker center Zachary Norris says to prevent spread prison should release medically fragile child and elderly inmates instead of cutting off outside contact the United States incarcerate a greater share of its population than any other nation in the world there are a lot of people who could be safely released and should be in order to address this crisis rather than just using punitive measures state prison officials say lawyer visits are continuing as our overnight family visits in sports I got nothing when I got something I'll let you know there's more on the corona virus and its effect on the bay area KQED news dot org I'm Brian what he's an honest newsman support comes from visitors coverage providing international travel insurance to protect against medical and travel emergencies while abroad visitors coverage dot com support for NPR comes from eighty P. from.

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