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Another forty six percent of California's land area including a lot of the bay area is in what's called abnormally dry and yes it is due to a significantly drier than usual winter we started office where it was pretty good weather we had some good storms around thanksgiving in December but then the rain fall in January was only half of normal in the bay area in which had nothing in February again not to panic now but so another winner like this and we could be looking at drought state wide Jim Taylor KCBS government forecasters say the January was the hottest on record Peter caning looks of the numbers the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says last month be January of twenty sixteen as the hottest on record only by a fraction but more significantly the agency says this was the forty fourth consecutive January four hundred twenty first consecutive month with temperatures nominally above the twentieth century average no aside to say for the past five January's qualify as the warmest ever the top ten warmest January's have all occurred since two thousand two Peter king CBS news a seventy seven year old North Carolina woman is missing and Berkeley police are asking the public to help find her Sofia Brooks was last seen in north Berkeley she's five foot six with gray hair brown eyes last seen wearing a brown leather jacket and pants she is at risk because she's having memory problems Brooks may be driving a white twenty eleven Chevrolet with North Carolina plates small it's coming up here on KCBS and then one in five people in Alameda county go hungry every.

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