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No, I didn't. I'll be haunted by forever is how that is manifested. I don't know if I have other vices like the book says that cowardice is the is the root of all other vices writing. There's a vice that's worse than cowardice, Andrew. I mean mice pretty bad, right? Yes. Another one where people say it's lead while evil. Yeah, yeah. Those two like vaping is like vaping pretty low vaping, Stephanie a vice, but it's not. It's not even. It's not as bad as smoking. I don't think. No, I don't think it is arguably as far as we know, yes, so far, the data's still being analyzed on bad vaping is I suppose gambling's bad, but that goes back to like game, greed and whatnot is murder of ice. Emerged thing you shouldn't do. Well, what is the what is the vice, but a thing that you shouldn't do? It depends if you only murder someone once. I don't think it's a vice advice is bad habit. Right? But if you murder a lot of people, then it's definitely a vice. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So that's that's where that quote comes from in regards to this book back to the spooky stuff going back to the spooky stuff because it spooked Hct so spooked me man. The other, the third main threat of this book. As I said, it involves the master and his lover Margarita and we meet Margarita. She is in a love marriage to some dude. And one of the devils workers like approaches her. She was in a relationship with the master. He disappeared. She thinks he's dead. She saved some of his burned manuscript. And this devil man approaches her in quotes from this manuscript in a way that no one no one could unless he had supernatural powers. He invites her to join the devil at some sort of like spring ball, some annual ball, and she kind of Intuit's that maybe this will mean. Mean a chance to like meet my love again either, I guess in the afterlife or like get a favor from the devil. Like devil went down to Georgia style. So dude gives her some cream that she has to take all close off in rogue on her body, and then she becomes a witch. Like you do, right. You know which cream which cream of she bite at the Walgreen at the you can get the store brand version or the fancy name brand for hurt her hair Congo's crazy. Her eyebrows get all bushy like. Unlike made up or untrimmed, and she sort of looks younger by about ten years, and she's naked and a broom, like flies adder. And then she just starts flying around Russia naked on a broom. That's pretty spooky. It's pre spooky especially when her her maid. Natasha also uses some of the cream becomes a witch, puts it on Margaritas husband who then becomes a pig and then tasha starts flying around on the pig man rule the skies of Russia. The sounds weird. It's sounds like a weird one. And it's like sorta spooky because it's kinda horrifying to think if you were like a man who could talk, but now you were a pig who can also talk and you're being ridden bio a naked, witch woman, and you don't know if you're ever going to be a man again, but it's also like it's got a weird sense of humor..

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