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And it's also this feeling of doing something together in verse one version. Of course you're always totally alone with your thoughts and the to girls also tried to get into the mind of your partner and not only in the mind of your opponents. that's cool yeah my ultimate. I'm also a big fan of a to was to Implementations of strategy card games of like the the two hundred nine versions of a game And game also works as a to us to play a game Yeah that's That's awesome and i really like How you added these different modes over time With your additional kickstarter campaign. I think this is a very good strategy and Shows your long term vision and strategy for the game Yeah very good approach. So before we really. And this podcast now Please tell the listeners where they can find you a west. What's your website. What are your social media accounts. And how can they Be aware of your next exotic pain. You basically you find us when you crimson company in google. And when you add a point in the year l. i'm Come to all website yet. There has basically everything linked you need and of course your finals in the android store. The kickstarter we already on upcoming portraits That means You can click the button there. All you go to episode and from there you get also to the extent page in. This actually will be cool. Because you'll get a a male wants to start a once and it also helps us invisibility because other kind of tricks. How many notifies game has and the more of course the better edge look slow and it's just one click. I did it right away now. Just five seconds ago cool. Thank you very much. Okay you very much. Dario and fabian for this great interview And also for your time. It's been a one hour and forty minutes now. So i was you all the best for the for the future of crimson company For your kicks campaign and your digital versions. It was a very interesting talk. seem soon. i think you seem to have a great game. There will be interesting. I will tell you after the show. Okay then thank you very much of you and to all listeners. Yeah keep shooting for the moon and nerd like a boss. Goodbye everyone.

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