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I don't know at this point i think you have to kind of wait and see and the defense i mean they've made additions defense over the past couple of years safeties they drafted last you very sound they signed tremaine johnson who was legitimate number one cornerback at this level in the nfl is going to make things a lot easier avery williamson is going to be a run thumping linebacker and maybe say okay they paid those guys a little more than you would have hoped for but i think todd bowles is a pretty qualified defensive koshen he's going to get a lot out of the guys he does have to work with i feel like he did like on both sides of the ball last year that showed up for the jets and again going back to the process like i'm with you i think that the only move that i have a hard time i would say maybe justifying would be between johnson contract it was going to be really expensive by somebody so there wasn't a gray area like someone was going to say like hey we just got tremaine johnson for three years and thirty three million dollars no it was going to be five years and probably north of sixty million dollars with plenty of guaranteed money i just didn't know that that was the kind of money i'd be wanting to spend on a cornerback only because i think he is a bit scheme specific i don't think the tremaine johnson's the same player that patrick peterson is obviously comparing someone to patrick peterson is largely sort of chasing ghosts right but even other cornerback marcus peters that were those acquired this off season and trade guys that were traded this off season i think of a bit more scheme versatility but the jets had major talent woes and i'm not saying that it's always good business to spend all the money you have available more on that later on in the show but the jets plant plenty of money to spend and so they have built themselves a bit of margin for air yeah i think it's fair what grade would you.

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