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He had the good sense to retire in may of twenty eight article today was just the headline read it by. I think it said that the Josh Freeman has a better win loss record. The Jameis Winston does something along those lines today. Didn't you didn't you go to the giants for a minute? He wants to the vice it was it was bad. Josh Freeman had a lot of off the field stuff that never never went public. But that's what I always hear a lot of people. That are connected say, yeah. The headline reads Josh Freeman has better record win loss record than James Winston after forty eight starts seventy seven five seven nine hundred to five hundred crazy miss Freeman. What's up, Nick? Good, buddy. What's going on with, you know, much man not much? I just wanted to you know, you know, who Winstons biggest fans are is kicking team in our defense. They look so good when everybody's complaining about James Winston if they would have held. We could have had a win yesterday. Sure. But if James hadn't thrown that fourth interception, then we wouldn't have needed those points. So, you know, if if it's some butter, candy and nuts, blah, blah, blah, blah. Quote, me on that blab. Robert everybody can talk about the defense and talk about different things. There's a lot of really good teams that are putting up a bunch of numbers that don't have a good defense. Sure this year people are throwing the ball more. Seth says it time and time again the most important position in sports is the quarterback. And you can't have a flake a guy like Jameis Winston who is bad on and off the field. Who's going to lead your team? It just doesn't work like that. You know, you know, the defenses bad it didn't get any better. Getting a new defensive coordinator that problem has been solved because there's a lack of talent on that side of the ball. But you know, ask the quarterback that your defense is lacking. So what do you have to protect the damn ball? Those guys off the field. So they're not giving up touchdown after touchdown. When you throw four picks. Obviously, you're not putting them in a good position. The guys who are calling the game yesterday. Chris Myers and moose.

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