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Whose Neck Jason Jason Jason. This is a this is baby matt. How're YOU DOING EMMA? Baby how are you? I'm doing good a couple of things I noticed from the game. It's the little things that make the biggest difference now we all know. About the AJ rose and him being the senior that's what really hurts because it lets us know you know you gotta be disciplined. You're a senior and you're supposed to be a leader, but there was another time. Miss. Started the game with a huge drive I mean they ripped off like fifty yards and then we stopped them on like the second down. And Josh Paschal. Starts talking talking about and I'm thinking to myself. This isn't the time brother just ripped off fifty yards next play they get a first down there was another plan, the game where forty four, who made a lot of good tackles fourth on defense. He flicks after stopping somebody at the goal line or not the goal line at the line of scrimmage, but then the next play. Oh. Get the first down. So it's like, okay once the teams plenty to us and you're jogging to the sideline, I understand talk your smack, but we got to be a lot more disciplined. I mean. If we take care of the little things, you know we can salvage the season. That's I'm with you. Completely I appreciate Khan I totally agree with all that we talk too much and accomplish too little I'm all for talking you know there are some people who say talk trash that's just not the world we. Live in now and you can wish it was different, but it is these news go out on the court sometime people are all talking trash. It's fine I'm alright with it. But if you're gonNA talk you gotTa Show Up. You remember a few years ago Ryan Willie dyed his hair blonde and John Cal Perry said if you're GONNA die your hair blond you better play well, right Yep you'd better back up now if you're going to talk like especially our defense, our defense talks a lot more than our office. You're GonNa talk you better play. And we're talking and we're not play and I can't talk anymore. There's a couple of dudes on defense I'll watch talk jamine..

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