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He wasn't going down the road of taking shots at people's religions and their ethnic background like trash talking is a part of sports right but there's a certain there's a line with trash talk like you don't get into you don't start going down those roads I don't I just don't want I don't think Connor knows where to draw that line think where's the entertainment it like when he was promoting the thing with Floyd I thank you both for idiots yeah I I am but I mean this is just you get to a point where it's personal and it's uncomfortable not was personal and uncomfortable yeah how about a guy that is a I mean everywhere he goes he can make it fun and that's rob Gronkowski course the recent W. W. we society wrestle mania is coming up it's the biggest event of the year and W. W. we had to make a big if they had to make a big move well they're splitting into two nights it's going to be Saturday night April fourth and Sunday April fifth now it's going to be a close out in multiple locations thanks to the coronavirus I gotta assume it's going to be your performance center in Tampa and Orlando and I assume headquarters into Stamford Connecticut and rob Gronkowski is going to be he's going to be the host of of WrestleMania so I just I think it's cool that Gronk he's he's finding a niche this is going to be perfect for him but yeah I mean W. W. events with fans always been of the the mindset that the show must go on but this is this is unheard of what W. W. we it is going to do with their biggest event of the year what WrestleMania it's no fans right no for.

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