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And it's it's in part. It's the some songs that i finished and or started and finished in the pandemic. And some that i was finishing up in twenty twenty nine and that i have to work very very very hard at it and i'm not sure that anything is good as oh i know. The blizzard is pretty good. The blizzard i think. And since you've asked you probably my best on the blizzard has to be kept in good shape because a lot of my songwriting friends. Love it and i have to be ready to play it at the drop of a hat and i think actually that the next thing is to get a movie filmed with with the song as a context for the movie. So that's something. I need to pay attention to because it is a great story. It's my equivalent of the gambler. i I have to say i loved your song. Dreamers is an amazing for anyone hasn't heard is absolutely exquisite acapella piece inspired by the immigration crisis as opposed the simplest way to phrase. It can can you tell me a little more about about that. Song is breathtaking here at the kitchen at the dining room table. One day and my husband. And i were watching a conversation on television with the young woman who she said and i quoted her. My name is maria. My daughter is dreamer. She says that she's worried that she will have to leave. And that's the first line of the song. And i went into the studio and i wrote it down and i started playing it immediately. I worked on it for about four years. Twenty sixteen seventeen eighteen. Maybe who maybe night. No no it was. It was two years of anyways playing the piano and playing it and playing it and we were in seattle and i was working at a club called ask alley and my husband was out with me and he said you know you really have to mix up your set. You really need some new songs. Why don't you sing that new song. You're writing and i said well listen. I haven't figured out how to play at the pound. He said don't play bound to sing it. Just sing it acapulco as we say and so i did and i sing it and my name. It is maria. My daughter is a dream. She says that she is worry that she will have to the and when i finished the song there was silence that came over the audience. It was stunning nobody move. Nobody said a word. Nobody clapped nobody this just this absolute and then they all went crazy and they kept doing it every time i saying it because i i'm convinced that when people are in an environment where there's live music going on. They're going through a lot of things in their mind that have to do is kinda shifting their point of view and examining what's going on in their lives and making choices that have nothing to do. It very often have nothing to do with what's really happening but it's something that's transforming because of the live music. I think that's what live music does it gets to the brain in a subtle way and does the kind of work that well. We like to think that teaching always does that but it doesn't always do it but music quite often does it. It's the silence it's people sitting in an auditorium that's hushed where they're not on their devices and we're no is coming up in slapping them on the backs and saying you want drink but they're kind of hostage to the artist on stage to think of it that way. What is it about music that you think makes it. Such a potent medium for transmitting emotion. Enacting change it's probably essential to human survival. I think it was probably well. First of all it's essential to have a voice because you have to be able to scream while running in the forest chasing some pray that you're going to have for dinner or if you get injured by some animal that you're chasing you have to be able to scream so that somebody comes after you so the voice is always important and it carries wisdom. You know the the sharks sharks. The whales have of their songs to contain an and transmit information. That's what i hear from roger payne. Who's the person who played the first recordings of of the singing of the humpback whales many years ago and apparently they have information about what the best place best way to go to the breeding grounds is. And you know who's who's who's who's tanker is nearby that you might not wanna run into on the way to alaska or something so i'm sure it's got all kinds of information. We carry information in our in our dna which we can transmit with songs with words and now we know that people who have you may not know this about this wonderful man. But i traveled and recorded for a wonderful singer named eric weissberg for years and years. He's really part of my orig- origins and we did a lot of traveling. Even went to soviet union with me in one thousand nine hundred sixty five. So i've known him for years and he's a fantastic banjo player who's very famous and towards the end of his life. He really had alzheimer's he was not communicating and so bunch of his buddies. Old pekin buddies. You know went up to where he lived and began to sing and play pick two. He picked up the guitar. He played in saying with them. So it has a magical ability to trends trends. What is the word transform. Try transcend the physical incapacity of the brain. Because it'll wake the brain up with memory and music is the thing that's been said to help. Many many people find their way through are not necessarily back but certainly through the temp or even temporarily to defer to wake up to things that it knew before particularly poetry and song which tell part of our history. Do you wonder where your food comes from. More and more people do america's corn farmers work hard every day to grow a crop that you can be proud to serve your family. And they're doing it with an eye toward sustainability caring for water air soil and resources that fuel healthy families and more sustainable products. 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