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Mitterrand hicks back out there again at been hicks returns a quarterback he'll have what back it is commod freeman three receivers right what are the left hand side first out of 10 looking right expires at out caught by quin acquittal ticket across a 20yard line mac delighted scrimmage you'll get and adam spout way yeah try to get out there and quickly who is santa checked whose closing it him the ball be careful with that throw there sucking down had died clock rods he did not get out of hand to receivers to the left or the right side cuevas wide right what back yet it is free bring a man of both should across the formation handed offering roenick to his right across the twenty five thirty and up to the thirty one yard long that's a pickup of eight on the second down kerry or nice run it right there little counter order nice job decker with an ice block whiteside third held out third at war machines abhu faces offensively now for esab you what back break west stands behind the quarterback direct snap to him at west is gonna get close to the first down marker in a penalty barker comes in as well as the quarterback bid hicks johny i think this is going to be the call i think he slammed his hands for the ball to be snap that he walked away had turned to his left there is no valve why are we seeking that he might a step forward they were going to call of it both in motion but he gets the first them all the direct snap tight a break west ticket to the thirty two guard line i'll tell you what would what brayton west shown us attempts and i am savior gels i'm not sure i wouldn't go to that formation a lot more callous johnson is a at a running back right now tied at to the right here for hicks snap back to it they'll give to jobs and ruddock to his right they'll get it across thirty five thirty secure life colic scott while the tax law to the.

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