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So i can't. I can't make dinner tonight. I'm gonna fucking kidding me. And then i get a video from the co play concert. He's front row. Not only did he get into this concert but he's front row at the exclusive coldplay concert so i don't blame them for blowing me off. But he's just always getting himself in his mischief. You think he went solo. He went solo. You're gone also. So i had a buddy from victoria who is in town in new york city for a wedding right so he went out to lunch and kind of correlates with your beautiful hat. Ra by the way Highest jersey sale records the seattle crack and he ends up running into one of the crack and owners. Or somebody who's high up. I don't know if it was actually exact. He had owner. Or maybe like the president. I think he was throwing on the party. And it was just exclusive five hundred person party that were they had cult coldplay performing and he knew pasha was in town so he got the call people five hundred people at a coldplay concert set in front row now. I'm surprised that he didn't end up passing on his ticket to you and then just sneaking in because pasha sneaks into everything. He's not into like the nba finals when it was in toronto one year. He's snuck into what's the festival there in the coachella year an ira. Junior are a junior when he when he snuck into coachella. Though on the final day they were going in the vip buffet area. They were living la vida loca and i guess the the security. It caught win that there was a bunch of people who had created these fake passes so he gets pulled into this tent interrogated for hours and hours on end. He was actually a little bit nervous. Because i think they ended up taking his idea. I don't know if he had his passport on him but all pasha is he is as. You're listening to this right now folks. He's on a plane or he's already in london with fake passes he made to go to the james bond premier tonight knol yes in london. He's talking going across the atlantic. He's crossing the pond sneak into that. How did you hear that. He sat us the pictures of passes he made and by now. I hope somebody wrap gets arrested in london a long long way to go for fake acids for a fucking these fake passes legit lid shit. Ten ten detainees at the limited on it. There is actually not too long ago. There was a guy who made a documentary about how he was sneaking into all these concert events. I i don't know exactly what the documentary is called but ra. I i got shout. Your hat looks unbelievable. On you and i would say for a for a sport that you get a lot of complaining a lot of the time about either the third jerseys or or bar jerseys for this jerseys for that What record breaking sales for the seattle cracking as far as jersey sales up to date. I knows xactly at the i. Don't i don't know if they dropped official numbers. Gee whiz we would just look at. But they've been selling through the roof as you'd expect. I think any new team but this logo kills it man and we saw the team play the other night. That first preseason game. I mean those jerseys gorgeous on the ice just all the different shades of blow and then the whole tend to go with red. I mean like people shake their head at. I don't know man we've been complaining. The gel has boring nicknames. Boring teams born lows. And now we got this. And i thought it was out outside the box and they fucking nailed it. Big gave us crackheads. It's amazing i don't make glass. Do you get like little twisty braids and you head. What's fuck boy. Haircut actually comes with an active and actually get to join the. What's the podcast a poor on josh richards for having a tech talk here now you've got the same hair you just become a wiggle dicker. The minute hair cut was finished. You just start whittling. Yeah speaking of Seeking to the sea serpent. That's what that would look. If i was wiggling my decker out and i can't be doing that with all the chairs aren't just the calamar guys just talking about small concert. Who played one last week in inbox. We'll just outside boston while we were recording. The rolling stones were. They've been boston's last month because if snow finishing this toilet that's been two years now. Delayed coverted from kovic shit. They've been in boston since early. August rehearsing for their taught because they didn't go back to london for the funeral. Because they would have had to do all the quarantine bullshit they had been here. you're innocent. I guess when you've been friends guys sixty s you know whether or not you you know you should go to his funeral and not so. They stayed hair continued. Rehearse in bob kraft had them play a show at gillette last week. It's not like the stadium. It's like they put a tent up on the field biz. Hold like three or four hundred people and always the bigwigs of boston. Like got invited to it like you know. Higher politicians billionaires and the stones played like three hundred people crash place last week. I get get Toys shape so i was after. I was bummed out. I guess i'm not that big of a short outside on route. Ninety five trying to catch tune from one of the fucking stereos kyrie. So what does a mile up to get the right echo. Some shit like that so he actually got a one. Upper fuji's after twenty five years of releasing the album. The score now are a. Are you a big fujii's guy. I wouldn't of big food guy familiar with that head album back in a day. I know some grumpy november begun to november that song that is wycliffe. Sean and that is not on that album. I believe our. He is part of the food but they have reunited after twenty five years of going dark. Of course i think a lot of that had to do with lauren hill. She ended up releasing that like they dominate the late nineties. And sure enough. They end up getting together. They performed a live show. I think it was nine songs on there. A little bit known for being late. They were four hours late to the gig. People didn't care though because they completely crushed the nine songs it was done in in new york on a pier. I don't know exactly what the venue is called but he appears seventeen. Thank you grenell you. That's probably right next door to. You are not far because you live near a pier. Don't you yeah it's downtown. It's kind of near me. Okay on quickly about you thinking that you're one upping. Ra's rolling stones with the food. Dude kidding me. You don't think weasing a stress ball right now flip. No thought the food..

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