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I mean just classic stuff just amazing amazing stuff and I think it's it would be a fun idea to go back and relive those games we listen to those games in here just the difference in John's voice the I don't even love the other commercials back then that would be so fascinating to hear what those commercials would sound like it would be really really really interesting because like I said I go back on YouTube and watch some of those games are and just the commercials are hilarious and just the feel for it takes you right back to when you're ten years old all right seven o'clock one hour down three more to go I got to tell ten Jodie Mac comes away then eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six per right now market your flagship station for Yankees baseball giants football fan that's basketball is the fan sports radio one oh one nine FM and sports radio sixty six WFAN and WFAN FM New York all radio dot com sports station good evening at seven o'clock I'm in marketing and were it not for the corona virus outbreak and all that and soon we would be bringing in the Big East Tournament final right now here on the fan and a former big east tournament champion head coach is getting back on the college sidelines Rick Pitino earlier today announced as the new head coach at Iona replacing two inclusive only yesterday announced his resignation potato thirty two seasons as a college head coach and racked up seven hundred seventy wins against two hundred seventy one losses his pregnancy double a tournament action fifty four nineteen he won national titles with Kentucky Louisville but it was absolutely bill that is sixteen year tenure ended in scandal we had most recently been coaching increase with fan at the night goes the NBA Twitter feed this afternoon an update from jazz guard Donovan Mitchell in the wake of this testing positive for covert nineteen feel fine and things are going well just take in the proper.

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