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Against it. This is the fight of our lines. Jason Nathanson, ABC news. Thanks jason. The movie will take up a significant amount of your time. It's three hours long. That means well, there's more to love executive producer trend. Transis? Don't leave your seat. I would say that there is not one single seen that you should niff- from this movie. So please do not go to the restroom. Don't go buy popcorn. 'cause you don't wanna come back and go what did I miss and how was that connected to everything else? We'll go to a resident expert is Joe Jacobina. What do you think? In terms of the bathroom thing. If you go online and Google ventures bathroom breaks, right people who've already seen the movie, we'll tell you where you can get up and go to the it. It is three hours and one minute long. That does not include the trailers before. And I will tell you guys if you have this is not a big spoiler. There are no scenes in the end credits. Now. Okay. Good area. Thank you. However, everybody stayed in the movie because everybody in and I'm sure some of the people knew this because I knew going in there were no scenes at the end. But my movie, buddy. And I agreed that it was wrong to get up and leave a marvel movie before the end it's ended even though we knew there was no seen right? Because this was the end this the culmination. I mean, we've been to all of the movies we've done the previews we've sat to if felt wrong to get up and leave right in in terms of the movie. Wow. Gosh, there's a lot right there. There's a lot of moving parts. There's a lot of characters. I would have liked to seen a little more captain marvel considering the build up after the NC the end credits in 0 war in her movie. But I'm sure a lot of people want Spiderman fans wanted more Spiderman Black Panther fans wanted more Black Panthers when it comes right down to it. This was the movie for the core group. A lot of them. This is the last movie for them. I will say bring Kleenex not necessarily a spoiler. It's the end of an era so cry just one twenty two movies in the franchise. Yes. I believe because I think I saw I saw story on CBS that they there was a theater that ran every single one of them. Yeah. Couple of theaters started the day before and did a sixty plus hour marathon. Wow. Well, there you have it for Joe, you're you're the go-to. I it's the only real gripe. I had the same gripe ahead with 0 war and they made thorough buffoon. Okay. They did they needed some comic relief. So they did it with his character. And that didn't sit. Well with me. That's awesome review. Joe Jack vino you're a list if you have any questions, by the way, E mail her she can give you all the inside baseball. If you will on my Email it clear channel. That's good question. All right, Joe. Great job. Joe? Thank you. On ABC's. Good Morning, America. Oscar-winner Remmy Malik was revealed as the villain in the next JAMES BOND movie Malik telling ABC's good Morning, America. Well, it's pretty it's actually perfect. No of things have happened in my life in the last couple of years. I cannot imagine that these things are happening. But yeah, I mean, this is just such a perfect follow up. I think to Bohumil rhapsody..

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