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Of the night with the line every breath you take every move you make in his head. He sat down at the and had it. Written in half an hour another one is purple haze by jimi hendrix which he said was quote all about a dream i had that i was walking under the sea unquote and the lyric skews me. While i kiss the sky was said to refer to a drowning man busting through the water surface to fill his lungs with air many of the composers writers and inventors talk about waking up in the middle of the night and writing down or composing their creations in an incredibly short amount of time. Almost like they were channeling it rather than writing it or maybe just remembering it from the dream speaking of inventors. If you've ever wanted to invent something you might want to consider turning to the dreamworld for ideas if you do you'd be in good company with people like albert einstein. Aristotle descartes thomas edison and salvador dali. These people all regularly turned to their dreams for ideas and answers to problems. Thomas edison would sit in a chair with a steel ball in his hand with the intention of drifting off into that twilight period known as the hip negoti state which is when we're right between and dreaming. He kept the ball in his hand. So that when he sank deep enough into sleep his hand would relax and the ball would hit the floor boom waking him up so that he could remember and record whatever information he received in that inbetween state similarly salvador dali held a key in his hand and kept a plate on the ground so that when he drifted off deeply enough the key would clang as it hit the plate waking him up and giving him conscious remembrance of what he had accessed in. The hip hypnotist state. Another famous discovery was in eighteen. Sixty five when the german chemist frederick kukui dreamed of snake biting its tail revealing to him the true structure of the benzene ring which he had been working on trying to figure out for a while and in eighteen. Forty five elias. How was trying to invent a machine. That could so but he couldn't figure out how to get the needle to pick up the thread on the other side of the cloth. Then he had a dream that cannibals were chasing him with spears and at the head of each spear was a whole he had been using the traditional model of a needle with the hole in the end but he'd been placing the whole at the heel of the needle not the head. This dream image gave him the idea to place the whole at the head of the needle and thus the sewing.

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