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If fargo does pulp fiction mike will win at all but if pulp fiction wins mike is actually gonna finish third and more importantly as i said no matter which movie wins for the third year in a row josh's are big loser i can hear adam sandler calling right now and houston montana wrote in hey guys i just wanted to share that going into the final four i had forty seven points hopefully this makes josh feel better about his fourth place finish whereas the link later love yeah i'm bummed about how link later was treated in this tournament as well but there you go josh is gonna finish last i could win it pulp fiction though has to beat fargo otherwise mike merigan will win the voting is open now polls close on monday april ninth at five pm and the winner will be announced next week to participate in all the madness fund just go to film spotting dot net slash madness two movable who to move does what a so it gets old june on judy jordan judah judy that's singer rebecca del rio in david lynch's mulholland drive a moving and surreal moment and winches movie that is somehow even earier in the way that it evokes a similar scene in singing in the rain and that film jean hagen's lina lamont is lip synching the title song when a curtain is yanked up behind her revealing debbie reynolds kathy is the actual singer of course in mulholland the singer suddenly passes out on the stage the song though continues uninterrupted this seen this movie not eligible for this top five are movie omayad or omar zhou's in movies to other movies to be more specific because mulholland drive is in the film spotting pantheon i do have one note i have to share about this connection here three or four summers ago i taught one of my classes at the graham school at university of chicago and it was on movies about movies and of course i did my due diligence i put a lot of work into the syllabus and the order of the screenings and there was some science and structure to it but you can't always.

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