Charlotte Hornets, Kemba Walker, DOJ discussed on The Basketball Friends


We're not but i mean i'm not i'm not him basch but i'm just stand is it i mean look i'm trying to run is word on that they're going from the ruling from it'd be p to such a laughing stock because his unclaimed or i mean i guess i guess i'm trying to find some type of that that the uh post injury guys smash about smash what is best instead of bash polls now cortana tastes of honor lastly i have to say no campbell walls around here no was who was there so allstar kemba walker cam allstar kemba walker plus one seventy seven with him on the floor this season the charlotte hornets plus one seventy seven with kemba walker allstar kemba walker with him on the bench minus two hundred and fourteen or think about that swing plus one 77 minus two four t you know me he their growth signed their ruled stitcher bankrupt molycorp doj former former former refused minute or rookie of the year former mvp both three fourtime allstar leg day big hurdle with us zach you heard about minnesota already know the one day so this is why i'm upset at this time lhasa news is i've heard the only the only way rose doesn't go to minnesota's if another team offers some significant minutes or or a better role now united's delay head of the thai lots of go ty lawson instead of and so dare rose.

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