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Unusually powerful explosion. Did art ever keep a piece or did he. Just give it away to you and linda. I don't know he Erin may well have some of this. I have no idea. I could ask her. She may not even know what it is. Yep pro possibly not. I mean maybe somewhere he may well have kept some of it he gave me. He gave me some little pieces of metal. How did he get it widely. Well he told a number of stories about that. And i suspect that he didn't really want to nail down the person who had given it to him. Because i think that this stuff. I know that even though they deny this that the battelle memorial institute that famous lab. That does so much work for the government has worked on this metal and not my particular piece but this this medal for a long time but he could have lifted from that place. Oh no he wouldn't get it from battelle. Okay somebody somebody who said that they had gotten it during the roswell incident gave it to him and that may be true because the other thing is that the other little pieces of metal. I was gonna tell you about. They were little Linda had some of them too. And i she may still have them. I don't know they were just little little squares and oblong shapes and a couple of they were very small. And i kept them in a manila envelope for years and one day i opened that envelope and the interior of the envelope had been scorched and at the by their presence in it they they were emitting some kind of energy so at the time i was living in texas and i took them out to dr william mallow the head of materials science at southwest research at south west had been founded by a friend of my family Tom slick he was a very wealthy. Oilman died tragically in an airplane crash but before he did that he founded the mind. Sign the mind science foundation and the southwest research institute which is now one of the leading research institutes of its type in the world. And they way. Dr mallow would was one of the first people to start in the institute and he was the head of materials science so he had pretty much run of the campus. And i brought this material to him In all the material and he asked me if i could would let him send the little metallic pieces onto a navy lab. And i met some of the people from the lab and they said they would send them back to send it back to me. I never got it back our horse. Not but but then later Jacques valet and dr gary nolan. Who has done a lot of work in this. I don't think he's ever been on goes but jock has Analyzed some of this same. I possibly even the same fragments that i gave ended up giving to the navy and found that they had not only isotopic ratios. That weren't found on earth but that could not exist in this universe at all and yet there was and to change isotopic ratios takes an enormous amount of energy more energy than we could we could. We could direct. We could not do that. And but why someone would not only make something that has non standard isotopic ratios but isotopic ratios. That don't even occur in this universe as we understand it a complete mystery. What when when you've looked at this what started the ufo. Cover up well. That's a very interesting and complex question and we're gonna take a little time with it Let's go back to something to to nineteen forty eight or no. Let's let's go back a little farther. Let's go back to something really interesting. I know jacques and jock valet. Powell harris have been on coast to talk about their new book trinity. Well there's something interesting about the trinity crash and the reason. I think that it happened. Not only because i think they did good research. But it's because it. The crash occurred close to a major nuclear facility facility that with the trinity site where nuclear weapons were being tested. Now let's fast forward a couple of years to the roswell incident three years two years later. What happens is this. A rancher comes into town with a lot of metal and other pieces of what looked like balsa wood in his carry all in this little truck and he says that something apparently crashed on his land and he found the remains. These remains now. This causes a tremendous and immediate upset at the roswell army airfield. The reason being that that airfield is the home of the five hundred ninth bomb wing. It is the only operational atomic bomber wing on earth at the time you see the connection there trinity site. Now we're next to the atomic bombs now. Of course the military at that at razz roswell was immediately extremely concerned which is why they sent calf cabinet out to look over this crash site. He was an intelligence officer And jesse. Marcel went as well now what they found. I'll get to that in a minute. I i knew general. Arthur exxon pretty well. He was a calm. My uncle mickey's commanding officer and my uncle. And he told me that when they were at right field in the air materiel command back in nineteen forty seven they had been involved in the receiving of debris in the biological materials from roswell. Now let's go back to the situation as it existed on the ground. Then they go out there. They do find that something has crashed there. They know for certain immediately. It is no weather balloons and it's not there. They know that and no no kite or anything no target. It's nothing like that. But what they don't know is exactly what it is. Listen to more coast to coast. Am every weeknight at one am eastern and go to coast to coast am dot com for more. Hey.

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