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It doesn't look good when the team is struggling as badly as it was when Beckham was being as visible and distracting. He was once again last night and the fact with a couple of exceptions in the last twelve months, he hasn't exactly lived up to the price tag or the billing. So I think that Woori browns fans what about the steelers a another big day for Chase Klay Pool Devin Bush injury there of course could. Could be critical such a good player, and it's a time of recording unclear as to how serious it is. We would think based on what we saw last night and the word coming out of a steelers media that is going to be a long. Injury but. Nevertheless even that that takes the shine off it. Looking good right. Rothlisburger is now almost twelve hundred yards eleven touchdowns just one pick. Eight and eighteen last season with abject backups. He's obviously an absolute difference maker and same question about the steelers that I asked you about the bucks. Are They Super Bowl contenders thing? I do think that but I wonder again, is that the weakness of the AFC that all of a sudden it's not. It doesn't just feel like, Hey, it's the patriots and it's everybody else and it used to be that way for years and of course now, and then you'd have a team sneak up the middle. And make the super. Bowl and obviously Pittsburgh was that team with Big Ben going well, I you know in that Patriots era beating Seattle and in the other you know other big. Ben Super. Bowl, losing to the Green Bay packers What are we talking ten years ago now it's hard to believe that's a decade ago but I I also do look at Pittsburgh schedule and if I Who the best team they've beaten is here's who they beaten that giants, broncos, Texans emails, browns it. Might Be Eagles by a bit in Philadelphia gave them a great game the week before in the so-called Battle of Pennsylvania. But that's not a murderer's row. That's the for those games have been at home, and now they play three road games. Here's the Road Games Titans Ravens cowboys. And they gotta make those those Home Games. Rogue Games rather they haven't played yet again four or five at home to start and now three on the road. So we're going to get a much better idea but again, eventually it's the it's the old bill parcells adage of set up before your record is your record and Pittsburgh at five and is accumulating wins. They're not having these ups like we're going to. If we're going to criticize Pittsburgh for who they've played were also criticizing teams like the Rams you know like the like the Indianapolis Colts like the chiefs last week against the raiders when they slip up and lose to what we think is an inferior opponent, it gets pointed out and Pittsburgh just hasn't done that the saints of. When Pittsburgh doesn't do that they deserve a lot of credit and what a battle if you asked me to pick right now between the steelers and the Ravens in that division I'm not sure I could cause Pittsburgh Scott that tradition and that infrastructure like we're back to where we were when Big Ben was in his prime and Joe FLACCO was admittedly in his prime and it lasted a few years eventually a super bowl winning quarterback where those steelers Ravens playoff games and those steelers ravens regular season games were just cannot miss and When we get those games in the in the AFC north this year that's going to tell the tale I think there's clear and distinct separation between Pittsburgh and Baltimore, and obviously the to Ohio teams and Cleveland will be boy of Cleveland gets in. It might be by virtue of that seventh playoff spot at seven see being available because I don't think they'll be one of the top two wildcards of their to make it at all. What do we think is going to be the wild cod, the requisite record for it definitely ten six, right It's hard. It's eat now. Yeah. It's hard to see t missing with ten and six, and if you look more, there's been more winning in the AFC intra interconference games rather between the AFC NFC majority of them have been won by the AFC. But that said I think the West is a little I, I wouldn't gift anybody in the West Wildcard spot I wouldn't give any gift anybody in the East I think we all. Thought the Patriots Mills were playoff teams New England got to pick it up and I I don't think it's too early for Miami. I think there are a year away I just can't see it I. Know they've had they had an impressive win against San Francisco but everybody's going to do that to the New York jets the jets are legit threat a legit threat to be sixteen team this year now maybe more so More. So than anybody in recent more. So than Cleo lemon dolphins more so than the and sixteen lions got themselves Matt, Stafford in two thousand and eight The jets have ten more games to go and that doesn't feel like that many for the New York jets. So AFC wildcards are going to be really really tricky to judge and and it's the north, the most likely division where you might get to wildcard teams in to me but the browns are going to have to win their share of games against good teams to do that the Cleo. Lemon Dolphins. Loving that. stated. That's right. Well. Speaking of unbeaten teams added again credible bowl contenders you gotta you gotTa scribe. That's the titans now. Absolute Thriller Against Houston and he's the critical thing right? Derrick. Henry pick it up. All the headlines and and understandably. So of course, two hundred and sixty, four yards, two, hundred and twelve of those on the ground that ninety-four Yada which incidentally, Greg. His top speed during that ninety, four yard touchdown run twenty one point six miles per hour. That's the fourth fastest top speed in the NFL this season and he's carrying co he's carrying quite a lot. To be running that speed unstoppable, it looked as always does with Derrick Henry. Like the. Video game footage that we saw blade ESPN thirty for thirty documentary the best that never was. About Marcus Dupree, you're watching highschool footage of him, and if you haven't seen it, it's on ESPN player. Go Dig that out. It's a brilliant documentary, a ultimately as an uplifting story drenched in in tragedy as well. The clear in the title lead this was lights out the best footballer. Anybody had ever seen the best run back never see and he'd go back and look at that footage greg of Dupree. It looks like he is running through as an adult running through kids and that's what Henry looks like in the NFL looks like. Everybody else around him who's been shrunk by about seventy percent of normal size and he's running all across them. So he was absolutely dominant, but it was Ryan's once again you know as well as anyone on this show, we were banning MVP debate at this stage of the season that's nonsense at this stage of the season. So we're going to talk more about the best players season so far runs hamill absolutely has to be in that conversation wall attack team. We talk about teams with identity right in the steelers make a great point about. What they're about they they understand whether now they know how to do it such a balanced side, the steelers, right you've got all three of the magic. You've got a really powerful game.

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