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Caution. You're gonna have a mix. Mixed bag throughout this morning as the roadways are slowly getting coded and hearing from our friends in southern Maryland, where they're supposed to be just rain listener said he's in bailout in and has some snow flakes wanted Matt Ritter to know that by big flakes, maybe passing through nothing sticking so far 301 if we get to the Beltway on the Prince George's County side earlier crash that was interlude passing joint base, Andrews that is officially gone. Roadways on the Maryland side, Looking better? Nothing on 95 from the capital Beltway. Through the Baltimore Beltway, however, listener was calling about the big flakes of snow passing through there, in most of our camera shot, seeing a lot of wet pavement. Bottom line, Not a lot of cars out, So when it does start to stick, it will stick well. And if you see something can tell us what you're seeing on your commute called the W T o P Traffic center 866304. W T O p Married to pump the W T o P TRAFFIC Storm Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter, What's going on outside today? The atmosphere is cooling down, John, We're seeing more more reports of the rain changing over to West. Oh, right now, the NASA is now reporting some snow Stafford Fredericksburg reporting some snow, the airports there. Warrant in Culpeper s O. The rain Snow line is working its way from the west to the east, and if you're still getting of that cold rain, he'll be seeing warm or big, wet snowflakes mixing in than changing over to plane. Of playing a snow over the course of the next hour or two at this, so the process of cooling the atmosphere down is continuing at the same time. It's a race against time as the storm system is moving up the mountains heading towards the coast very quickly, and this is all out of here by early afternoon, So it's gonna be another one of those situations where we're dealing with the rate of accumulation versus the rate of melting because not everything, not every snowflake that makes it to the ground is going to stay snow. It's gonna melt, too. We're looking at a net accumulation of 1 to 3 inches. Very wet, very slushy, compacted snow. By the time this all wraps up and temperatures will be staying into 30, some of us are about 5 to 10 degrees cooler that we were just a couple of hours ago when the storm really started as that rain now will be getting some more melting of the snow on the ground late this afternoon into this evening, also live in the drying out and then temperatures will plummet overnight tonight. So we're gonna have a significant re freeze late tonight and early tomorrow morning as tonight's lows will be the upper teens to the mid twenties, so the wintry impact will continue. You into Monday morning's rush the rest of the day tomorrow be just mostly sunny and cold Highs will be in the low to mid thirties, and we'll take a look. A Tuesday and Wednesday coming up in the next weather on the eights, All right, Thanks a lot, Matt. Right now We've got 36 degrees in Annandale. We have 37 in college Park. It's 35 here at W. T. O P brought you by long fence 20% off savings on fences, decks and papers going along fans dot com and scheduled a free estimate today. 7 12, but it's not what you need on a cold morning, But we're learning about some power outages around the D. C area, Fairfax County Seeing around 1500 customers in the dark this morning, Montgomery County nearly 3600 power outages. Not clear what's.

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