Alabama, Hick, Russian Government discussed on Mueller, She Wrote


This junior wanted to add a few words. He wanted to indicate that primarily. They discussed adoptions not just that they only discussed adoptions. <hes> hick said she was fine with it but her but the boss man was worried worried it would invite more questions so she that like verbatim bosman yet that's come up before i marksman yeah interesting and yeah super mambi mm-hmm but she ultimately deferred to junior and his lawyer and the full statement that eventually was given to the times read as follows. It was short introductory meeting. I asked jared paul to stop by. We primarily discussed a program about the adoption of russian children that was active in popular with american van was years ago and was intended by the russian government but it was not a campaign issue at the time so there was no follow up. I was asked to attend the meeting an acquaintance but was not told the name of the person that i would be meeting beforehand so here is junior adding in that they primarily discussed adoptions options not only and that he was asked to attend the meaning that way he's not leaving out the emails who's going against that. He's going against the boss ma'am and and him yeah nothing like <hes> oh we discuss dirt on hillary about the ziff brothers and she didn't really have anything immediately and you know whatever at that was totally left out exactly so muller is clear to point out that the statement did not include the offer of dirt on hillary by the russians. Oh look what i just said or any discussion. The magnitsky act for that matter <hes> hicks recalled priebus then learned of the statement and wanted more information because he was sure the emails would leak and trump said no we gave our statements ain't done here and later on that follow that was sharply gate. I don't understand no statement. We're done here. No i know not when it's this late at night when it's something as important as sharp exactly and later on oh by the way if you're listening to this twenty years from now sharpie gate is when trump <hes> the hurricane dorian is approaching its here now in the carolinas but when it was approaching florida he saw a spaghetti map and he decided that it was the the hurricane was gonna hit alabama but the map he was showing 'cause he said that in a tweet it could hit alabama and then alabama was like nah. It's not coming anywhere near here. Don't be a dick shut up and so then he got mad ad and he got caught in a lie or some or just being wrong and so he took a map of the hurricane's path and took a sharpie and drew a little end on it to include the little a little bottom of alabama so that he wouldn't be wrong and now he's in trouble for that too because apparently that's a felony falsifying documents from noaa or the national weather service so anyway super fun good time now they're putting out more official statements on the matter yeah yet they came out and said <hes> one of his counterterrorism guys kids that oh i did did i showed him the the wrong map and that's why he did that or he didn't even say that he did is just that's why he thought it was gonna head alabama. It's so dump soda and it's it's going on it keeps going on and he heaves quadrupling quin toppling insects out sex doubling down gross. I don't wanna know about that would've skipped saxon. Go right to the seven but uh-huh thirteen sounds a romantic. We'll skip sex and go right to the seven so anyway. He keeps doing this and meanwhile the really cool gab would say unexciting seventh erogenous zone from friends. Remember the episode of france one to four two four two four eight two four or five to four five six six six..

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