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And the way he's playing and there's a lot of key components on that washington team so they have their chemistry going and vegas of course as their chemistry going until monday at five and really enjoy it and you know the longer you're here you have they i mean you really need a few years under your belt i think to where you really feel like wow i'm going home i'm going to vegas i'm going home but maybe not so for some sports x michelle that's been here you know just a a year or so you know and then some of the players and you you know i talked about the story with david coming over from the saint louis blues after the blues didn't protect him any at bard is house there and he loved it there you know all of a sudden he goes while i'm gonna have to another house and now a lot of these guys i've found communities that they feel part of a even though it's a short period of time and it's probably because the city got closer because of the one october shooting and you know a lot of the healing for the city has been through the organization of the vegas golden knights so bill foley's denigrate job and again we talked about you know just the general manager george mcphee and gerard golan what a great job he's done coaching and again i think both those guys take home smart where from the nhl meetings that would they're going to have coming up next month and the awards and everything that are going to be right here ironically in las vegas and that's the whole thing so the vegas golden knights in the washington capitals great stories and each l playoffs are just dynamite i mean they really are really a lot of fun and if you look at the games you know in the nba as we get into the you know the finals of the each conference there you know the games are blowouts for the most part you're not seeing a lot of you're not seeing a lot of games that are closely contested now last night he got one with golden state in houston and it was a game that houston had to win but what happens inside the final minute is chris paul you seem reach behind his leg and you know it's the.

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