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Sonic colours ultimate. Which you know. I i really really enjoyed I've been playing have been put. Oh you're obviously guilty. Strive i always played guiltier drive. That's just a game. Bow will probably be planning for the rest of my life. And i mean outside that you know apart from some of the embargo stuff. I be playing. You know just games with friends. I'm sorry it's a weird tales. Or i'm trying to solve the puzzle of what they could be by game. If it's a review. Mitchell might be doing it because he he does those game reviewing but anyway just wanted to point people towards your review. It was a really great Review as of course. He reviewed the original game as well so people have probably already jumped into the expansion. I know that the The standalone legends mode is available. Starting this friday for people obviously go check out the review. If you haven't end if you're a sonics fan. Go check out eastbound coltman. I've never played colors. So i'm looking forward to this one. The best marne song game. So he's you're at all curious about sonic definitely check it out. Always curious about sonic. That's how thin the internet's great for that. Flew hedgehog to run so fast. Survey the power of ben schwartz voices. What i imagined. Taylor anything you want to point people towards slash would've of you. You've been playing. They highlight well. I recently beat psycho nuts too and going to start playing. Oh yeah it's so it's so good I it was well worth the fifteen plus years that we had to wait for for for this game but also about to start Ghost of sheba director. Scott i waited to play this game. I because i was like Do i do. I wanna buy it on. Ps for the release it again on ps five. I'm glad i did that. So i'm gonna play that sued I am game for review. I cannot say what it is unfortunately way so. I'm gonna try to split times for that but obviously the reviews deprioritize for me. But i'm excited to play goes to sushi originals review for both of the expansion and the base game and i was like. Oh god i the so bad. So that's that's all my current plate right now let's trade. Nda's i'll tell you. I'll tell you if you play the backwards you actually hear every game. They've been playing but yeah tell her. I hope you enjoy ghost definitely a lot. Roughly double the time you expect to play to also include photo. You're gonna spend a lot. Yes taken and petting the animals which there's now even more iki island. It's great to just go to a bunch of monkeys and and hang out. That's wonderful actually super envious have you that you're playing but that's like one of those like i wish i could white my mind and play it from scratch You're gonna have so much fun with the game it so lawson in it. It's just such a beautiful world. It's such a it's so good. It's good we'll definitely talk about ghost more on the maybe a quarter week but we ought to talk about via checkout mitchell's piece. The both iki island review and the seller colours review and all the work mitchell's been doing recently. But yeah i played. I've been playing iki island. I i started up engine impact. Because i need to get away. Because i'm a playstation podcast hosted. I need a lawyer when she appears in another game. That aren't high at the beginning of the game. So it's still pretty much like the basic people in cobb whose names i'm forgetting but The the ice guy the fire woman with the bow the lightning librarian and my character. So yeah it's really fun. i like it. it's a very pretty world. I like just hang out in and Yeah i've lost several nights already this week to it and that's probably going to be the case for awhile but that pretty much wraps us up or this week's episode of podcast beyond Thank you ryan. Mitchell and taylor for joining me for this week's episode Thank you all for for taking the time and thank you to read our producer as for making the show happen. I and thank you to everyone out there for watching and listening and thinking everyone who sent in questions and everything for this episode as well. We hope you're safe. We hope you're well and as always yacht beyond beyond..

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