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Free the word with david platt is a resource from radical darden isaiah chapter three first to listen to this prayer oh lord be gracious to us we wait for u b our arm every morning our salvation in the time of trouble what does that mean think about a b r arm every morning or basically that the picture here is the armed with a symbol of strength and so i zia amongst god's people is saying god be gracious to us were waiting for you be our strength every morning we need you to be our strength our salvation specifically in the time of trouble so he's coming from a a place of weakness where he's surrounded by trouble and need around him and he looks up to the lord in the morning and says be my arm i think about my life today um ono obviously what's going on it in your life but i feel weak it's so many levels i need strengthened so many different ways like physically weak i feel uh in a sense emotionally week some days maybe many days uh relational early wake just the relational challenges were words were girth family or her this or that in the church i think about even spiritual weakness i think about my temptations to sinn edge and to see my weakness on so many levels and yet i have the opportunity to wake up in the morning from sleep to look up to the lord on high the god of the universe and pray be my arm every morning be my strength every morning surrounded by all.

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