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Pj media reporting about the text that they do have in which lisa page and peter struck referred to a secret society the began meeting the day after donald trump was elected daily caller the fbi's top asian on the trump russia investigation said a text message last year the one top republican senator says suggests he saw no evidence of trump campaign collusion the text message which is set by peter struck is jaw dropping corded wisconsin senator ron johnson the chairman of the senate homeland security governmental affairs committee he said in a milwaukee radio interview today he read the text that struck sent to lease a page and fbi lawyer and his mistress quote you and i both know the odds are nothing if i thought it was likely i'd be there no question i hesitate in part because my gut sensing concern that there's no big they're they're talking about joining muller's investigation into possible russian collusion with the trump campaign and you know it's almost like there he is a concerted effort to first of all throw an american election in an second of all wanted in go the way they wanted it to to take out a duly elected american president hideo it you you almost get that impression don't you okay last night texas congressman john ratcliffe and south carolina carson tree gouty we're all with martha mccallum on fox news.

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