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All right we will see what's trending this morning with shannon dirty on the thirty for bag. The host of jeopardy since nineteen eighty four passed away peacefully yesterday surrounded by his family and friends at home he was eighty years old. And we know this. because we've been playing clips from him. He was very outspoken about his battle with stage. Four pancreatic cancer since announcing the news back in march of last year. He immediately started chemo after the diagnosis but made no plans to retire. He wanted to continue hosting. Wouldn't be right for me to walk away from this. If i can possibly do it and i managed to do it. So what's the big deal. Power through a full year pointed out the odds of surviving. A second year with pancreatic cancer were just seven percent but he hoped he'd be to celebrate that milestone to sadly did not jeopardy recently kicked off. Its thirty seventh season now. Alex hosted episodes will air through christmas day. December twenty fifth. His last eight taping in the studio was october twenty ninth and they always tape ahead. So you're going to be seeing him through christmas day after that it's still in the air. I know lots of people were saying. Condoning should take over alex. Tobacco had some people in mind that he was talking to producers about as well so we'll kind of see where that goes seacrest. Yeah he needs one more. It's going to be ryan. Seacrest sense like ken jennings to have kind of i. I think that's why they brought him back to do the daily doubles and all that stuff. So it'd be they'll be very interesting by the way it's to me. It's appropriate that He's on until christmas. You know what. I mean like it just During the holidays yeah stability. This is one of the few clips that everybody is revisiting. This recent to this is from thursday's episode of this show. This is a contestant named burt. Thank her any family members of back home Cheering you on you. Know here's a true story and I grew up. I learned english because you and so my grandfather who raised me. I'm going to get tears right now. We used to sit on his lap and watch every so. This approve special home. Thank you very much moving on to another sad but hopeful dirty story. Nbc weatherman al roker revealed on the today show that he is battling prostate cancer. After a routine checkup in september turns out i have prostate cancer and did a good news bad news thing good news. We caught it early Not great news is that it's a little aggressive so i'm going to be taking some time off to take care of this And it's one of those things that it's it's a little more common than than people realize and so I just decided that. I wanted to go public with this. Because one in nine men are going to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime but for african american men that number one and seven he will be undergoing surgery. In new york city this week to remove his prostate so we won't be seen him on tv for a while while give us a little bit of happy news okay. Somebody who battled corona is cool. He's hot sons of anarchy star. Charlie hunnam said he battled corona virus earlier. This year told kimmel night that he lost his sense of taste and smell for about ten days and was sleepy. That was really it. He said he realized he couldn't smell coffee one morning. That's what gave him the heads up now. He did say on friday he's like i'm not really filling that gun the flu so i'm hoping it's just the flu. He did a a rapid test on friday and it was negative so fingers crossed for him and a candle company has revealed a new twenty twenty. Scented candle okay. It is a layered candle. That includes the sense of banana bread which everybody was speaking. This year hannitized her. Diy woody musk's since we were all working on our homes alongside budget aftershave something like joe exotic from tiger king would wear so they just like layered it all into this candle horrible and very very fitting for twenty twenty the candle set you back. Nineteen dollars and fifty cents if you really want and if you're listening to friday's segment on our show about how candles are the new cats guys. Look at Women who are single with lots of candles as possibly being single for a long time. So i i have slyly. Put away my pick for all of today's dirty check out that dirty fades in the morning. Dot.

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