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Skye. I'm fascinated by space. I love the fact that not only are we orbiting the sun, but our son is also moving and our whole galaxy is moving and the whole universe is expanding. And I find that so fascinating that we know probably a one billion of one billion of one billions of all the secrets out there. Absolutely. And let's put this into perspective for your listeners out there. You're right. Obviously we call it a year a little loop around the sun, but this star the sun 27,000 light years from the core of the galaxy. We take about 265 million years just to make one of those year loops around the nucleus of the galaxy. Is that ready? Oh, my. Oh, yeah. Hold on one second, so the sun is orbiting the galaxy. Correct. So that's the largest quote time interval. If you would have measured things from a planetary and solar since died, 265 million ish years takes the sun to go around this big pinwheel. Around the nucleus, which is fascinating, because think of all the time, you know it's been alleged that on the earth in the Earth's existence and forward a half billion years they're saying that I don't know how they do this. That allegedly 108 billion souls have lived on this planet to the time we're talking now, but think about that. It's like we haven't even gone. What It's It's incredible. How many rotations have we really gone around the center since this whole thing started? It's It's amazing. Well, here's something also that I'm fascinated with Let's say you had a high power telescope. And you were, um, um, A You know you were on a planet that is, you know, three billion light years away. And you're looking towards Earth. What you would see coming out of earth. You would go back and you would see dinosaurs or let's say, 500 million years ago you were looking at her if you would see dinosaurs. Absolutely and what we do when a lot of our public programs and I'm sure people listening have tried to do this if they have telescopes, If you look out into a clear, dark Skype him and look up in the constellation and drama to pretty high during these December nights on a clear, dark night, there's a galaxy called the Andromeda Galaxy, Of course, and It's 2.5 Million light years away. So just like you're saying I'll show that to somebody in a small telescope. You don't see the whole thing. You see the smudge in the middle, but it's actually think about it right. 2.5 million years ago, the light left Just got here and it probably doesn't look the same or just nor would we be right. You probably look and see and spy on dinosaurs and the early evolution of the earth. But we don't know Dr Sky we don't know if if a star has burned out if that light is still coming 456 700 years ago. You're absolutely right. And let me put it in perspective. Another thing people can see to him in the dark skies of December. If you look up in the constellation of Orion, right up in the left area, the armpit is they call it the star that has that funny name called Beetlejuice. Maybe you've been talking about that, too. But over the last two years, Beetlejuice is summarily dimmed. And most of the time people to know about these red Super giants. They're big. They're giant the outer edges if you put the center of Beetlejuice At the center of our sun, it allegedly would go out to the orbit of Jupiter. What is the stars get older. Many people know And maybe many people don't know that is they slowly start to get older. They run out of fuel, and they could have that collapse of the point is, people were speculating that beetle choose Was going to become a supernova and kind of weird because here's what would have actually happened if it did, it didn't because they said, some kind of stark dust cloud got in the way and deemed it That's good for us. Because it about 400 light years away. What Beetlejuice would do if it collapsed, It would be as bright, probably on the high end of a quarter moon. And be visible in the daytime. Wow. And it would be a single point of light. But could you imagine how all the people of the world let's see you're watching television and some major network is reporting. We have breaking news that this large star Beetlejuice has gone supernova and people all over the world. We haven't had one of those. And truly Tim. We're overdue for a major supernova, and that's only 400 ish light years away. That's amazing. So maybe we better be careful what we wish for right. So it's a doctor. Is it possible? Live on Mars for human beings is the atmosphere is a too cold to hunt. We need to much protection. Well, it's true. You're right. I mean, there's there's here. Here's the problem that we have a long must cause the great ambition to go there and it's really cool. But now what do we do when we get there? The temperatures on Mars conjugate upwards. I'm not going to give me so totally specifically, This is pretty much a guest from the astronomers to maybe in the high fifties or 60 F and that night. Maybe we're talking about 180 or maybe more below zero, but obviously the opposite. The atmospheric content. There was mostly carbon dioxide obviously can't run around in your gym shorts and you would have obviously less weight than you do on the earth. Here's something very strange about molars and think about this folks and think about this time for a planet. That's about two thirds the size of the Earth. It has volcanoes and mountains, one of them the big Nick's elliptical, which is about 70,000 miles high. And maybe higher and it's the size of our state of Arizona. But where did they go through these hellacious dust storms and right now on Mars because I've been tracking this with telescopes all summer. Large global dust storm is actually going on on the planet Mars Can you imagine that? I mean the entire earth covered with dust to the point where you misspoke or or or this is true? You said they have volcanoes and mountains on Mars that air 70,000 miles high seven. Excuse me. 70,000 ft. Excuse me. It's late Late in the day now, 70,000 ft High spec stand corrected. But the point is, we don't have a mountain that big here on the earth. And of course, they're not active volcanoes with gushy thing. Over, But the point is, it's a very difficult place to live, and I'm sure that it's going to take an amazing amount of technology, which I think we have, but it's going to be some very special people. Don't you think to be able to take the make the mission? Doctor. When you talk to astronauts, you talk to people who have been to space or have a real good understanding of space like you do, but actually who have been there? What did they say? Space smells like You know what's interesting. This is an interview that I did a long time ago and God rest his soul. Dr Edgar Mitchell aboard Apollo 14 with Alan Shepard, and the description came actually earlier, but both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin said this after they ran around and there's white space suits that became very dirty because they moved around, and actually, some of them fell down or pick things up. But they said that in that cabin when they got back in, even Dr Mitchell said, there was this smell of what smells like gunpowder..

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