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S remember just remember brad davis said this okay at twenty minutes after 5 o'clock on a thursday morning all right and this is the night when it all starts and it's going to be in boston the patriots against kansas city so just for everybody remembers this now because generally when i am right and i know i am right on this generally when i am right nobody remembers but when i am wrong all they come out of the wall and suzy q uh the lady that called us she was the first one first one well i hope suzy that you remember this when the patriots take it all all right a twenty two minutes after the hour of 5 o'clock in the morning oh i was talking about the donald trump and how some of the republicans a lot of them are bad adam because he went along with the democrats and we're not going to shut down the government i think that's a good move but uh he hits new low input public opinion but guess what he is still beating hillary clinton just got this the number of americans who say they hold positive views of president donald trump has dropped to its lowest point since his inauguration according to an nbc news wall street journal poll released yes today but the survey offered trump at the least one potential bit of solace he's still bathing hillary clinton just thirty six percent of those reached by pollsters said they have either berry or somewhat positive feelings about trump two points lower than the polls june uh recording but the at thirty six percent trump still finished six points higher than clinton his 2016 democratic opponent about home just thirty percent of respondents said they feel either very or somewhat positive about her so he beach he still her while the president has struggled at times through the early months of his presidency feuding with members of his own party alaica well fueling racial tensions everything else clinton has mostly stayed quiet aside from an occasional speaking engagement in recent weeks excerpts from her forthcoming book titled what happened have trickled out including bitch in which she recalls being put off by trump's behavior during one of their debates and passages published by see an end that are critical of former fbi director james call me warmer vice president joe biden and her primary opponent senator bernie sanders the democrat from vermont.

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