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I see that almassalmah families glass somebody took delon was like yeah i would i would i'm like who'll be honest this sucks in this ugly but be honest you know only don't lie truth is better than being a microwave activist to be honest because that that makes me a little bit more upset because like all these fate will always be like normal umbro you you know you on a budget you noticed nowhere else you can get a 100dollar fit that's like pretty decent than asian um you know you won't go back up in there so don't sit here and post in and go on these ransom about how you done with these companies you hougang going gun of obama just like with the uber thing own trump did that happened he board is trump supporters we not doing over we done we ride in and then you check the lift fair and you like to hang us in line and as i fitting out moines are cannot to man on bump in why look back in journalism woman they've aging him offered you a deal would you take it hell no turnout monday after the truth to the matter i mean because we know my thing is this like the easiest thing to do if you're of set would h m is not support them flag israelegypt that or just and i think you've got a call for a boycott just don't support them i'm the type present i like when i see overt racism i like when i the overt bigotry because now i know who not to give my coins to i know who not too far quit like there's nothing agent in good off me at this point that i would accept simply because i care about my people and i care about how people view me and i know that if i do that then i'm selling out people won't be looking at me crazy not the meeting easy senate told hina his asset of them i can have the white rabbit lawyer no acre staying in the immune cells really my like i'm taking is doc notice a circular weekend but like that's probably his like fifteen stream of of revenue of income and isaiah easy broke up once he did that and.

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