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Hi, I'm Flo from progressive, being a baseball fanatic like me can be stressful. It's not all sports points and touchdowns. So progressive is going to help you take your mind off your team for a moment. Instead of thinking about how they miss that goal points score, think about the name your price tool from progressive letting you choose coverage options based on your budget. Unlike your team that missed the end zone net area. Well, anyway, hope this distraction about progressive's name, your price tool was helpful. It sure kept me from thinking about all those penalty balls. Yay, sports. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. The Bloomberg business app. This is Bloomberg radio. Now a global news update. There's outraging Texas after authorities admit they made a mistake during the Yuval school shooting. Parents of the 19 children who were killed at rob elementary school found out police waited for reinforcements before entering the classroom where the gunman had opened fire. DPS director Steve McGraw said it was the wrong decision to wait and not breach the classroom door. I have the benefit of hindsight where I'm sitting now. Of course it was not the right decision. It was the wrong decision. Period. There's no excuse for that. McGraw admitted they were getting 9-1-1 calls for help as officers waited for their backup. The NRA convention in Houston is drawing large crowds of protesters after the deadly school shooting in Texas, about 500 protesters stood outside the George R Brown convention center Friday with many holding up photos of the victims from the Yuval school shooting. Reuters says video of Friday's convention showed the auditorium to be about half full. The first named storm of the hurricane season is brewing in the Pacific, tropical storm Agatha is turning off the Mexican coast this weekend. Satellite images show large clusters of thunderstorms, circular

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