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Five yards three touchdowns. It's amazing more passing yards in passing touchdowns in his first ten career games than any player since nineteen fifty sitting at eight one right now, the Kansas City Chiefs of force to be reckoned with in their back home for Arizona next week Cleveland and other story on their ninth head coach since two thousand two Baker Mayfield rookie quarterback threw for two hundred ninety seven yards and a couple of touchdowns to Duke Johnson junior. Cleveland right now is to six and one chargers and Seattle came down to the final play of the game. It's probably good news for any AFC team. It's going into Seattle because since two thousand twelve they were all twelve at CenturyLink field. Chargers led this game throughout but a pass interference call with an eight point lead lead to an untimely. Play in a chance for Russell Wilson. Perhaps to force overtime. Russell. Takes a shotgun. Snap three rush by the charges. Stepped up in the pocket. Incomplete. On the ground in the back of the end zone is David Moore. He had a shot at it. But it is incomplete in the back of the end zone. And the chargers are gonna hang on and win a nail biter on the last play of the game rebel on Seahawks. Broadcasting that final play just literally off the fingertips of David Moore. So the chargers win their fifth straight Philip rivers who for a couple of touchdowns. Melvin gordon. Ran for touchdown. This game in LA is six into muscle Wilson through for a couple of TV's in this ball game. But also interception and Seattle now sits at the halfway point of their season at four and four. This.

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