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And the sharon in crane missouri will he be problem that is north korea hello sharon hello again four y mcknight things go the way they been going to an unknown known and we can blow them to kingdom come we can support reunification or it would take a lot out that felt there aren't far apart we can't tell china town band approach north career direct way and start negotiations with could bring man in the world and have a right we well maybe cap hold are known gillick back that man over there exactly what he's doing when he have any attention he fired arc and missile fine and the next time he does that we should shoot it down and destroy the base for which it was uh it was lodged but anyway look at the time that we have your let's ask our guest about those doors is we certainly can keep on keeping goddess what we've been doing and will almost certainly we will do we certainly have the option of uh of attack them outright support reunification first voted these are the northshore the south would agree to reunification on any basis that would be acceptable and and finally talking north korea would just get our chain yanked some more i but i don't i don't know uh about the last two options yeah well we try to negotiate before both clinton and bush george w bush that is uh you know thought they had agreement took the q you know uh spent an inquiry programs they found out that uh it north korea chief john those imagine there yeah so you can trust of l k so what else is new at me i mean you know that you tell us something acid should all performed all ill each day where i wish you keep negotiating i'm not sure that i think that's good work because i think they want to get nuclear weapon they think that it's now search of their security their human rights are totally separate from our security you can argue.

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