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Getting us to do things that aren't good for us is great for the Gross Domestic Product. We're so vulnerable to these things that if you can cut out the things that break you down and replaced them with the things that build you up. You can be way more effective than most people. I say you could be one hundred times more effective than most people. Here are eleven things you can do to be one hundred times more effective than most people before I go further. I want to acknowledge this list pisses some people off. I posit that it threatens their self perception. I'm not saying you're a bad person if you do or don't do these things. I'm saying you would be better off if you did. All of these things must be honest. It's darn near impossible to do all these things I know I don't. This is just a list. I aspire to also some people here this list and think it sounds like a boring life. I would encourage those people to get a life. I'll explain at the end of his episode. Okay on with the list. One no sugar. Sugar is an addictive substance. Sugar stimulates dopamine and the more dopamine you stimulate the more dopamine. You need in order to feel stimulated if you want to hear more about that listen to Robert Lusty on episode. One Eighty six. It is downright criminal. How much sugar surrounds us? Every day the last time I was in hospital the only things in the vending machine were products filled with sugar in hospital too. No alcohol again. Why is this normal? Just look at? How many bars and liquor stores on every city street at some point in my twenty s? I realized that each Saturday night I was regularly spending the equivalent of an entire working day going from bar to bar not to mention. The weight at drinking affected me the next day and likely throughout the week. You can accomplish a lot if you cut out alcohol. I'm lucky enough to not be addicted to alcohol but economist Tyler. Cowen shared on interesting perspective on this podcast. That alcohol is so harmful too much of the population those who are addicted to alcohol that the only responsible thing to do is to not drink so it won't be such a normal thing anymore. Three no caffeine. This one is hard for the coffee. Lovers Caffeine again is an addictive substance. What happens when you're addicted to something you don't use it? It uses you the more caffeine. You use the more caffeine you need until you simply can't get enough. Many people don't realize that their caffeine use is at the root of.

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